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Fernando Albert
Psychic Medium & Meditation Facilitator
You will listen to three simple but very powerful exercises: One to cleanse all your stress and worry right away. working your Solar Plexus Chakra One to attract abundance, and one to be closer to your Spirit Guides and loved ones in Spirit. These exercises are for everybody and super easy to do! You can check my full article here:
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I don’t remember
I felt my whole body starting to vibrate with just this little bit of work. this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I just stumbled across your work and I have to say I love it. Looking for more astroprojection and energy work. And I found it. I’m so incredibly happy thank you. And the fact that you talk about grant gratitude being so important and I believe this for as long as I can remember. That even when I’m in my darkest times I’m grateful. In for a long time I didn’t understand that and I do now. I wanna thank you. Thank you for doing these things and putting them together. I believe that they’re truly a blessing and if I work with them they can really help. I know they can they already have. I am grateful I’m grateful for you I appreciate you. blessings and I hope you have a beautiful day all of you 
Love this!
I love all three of these techniques and will be trying them daily. Your soothing voice makes for pleasant, relaxed listening. Thank you. 😊
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