Our Mind
Our mind is a powerful tool that we have the power to control. We control it by what we think, our words, diet and exercise. The more we nourish our minds with meditation, positive affirmations, diet and exercise will help rewire our mind from the negative bias to thinking more positive. One practice I will share with you is from Dr.Rick Hanson called Taking in the Good. A least once a day, slow down for half a minute or longer when you have a beneficial experience. Stay with this experience a breath or longer to feel it in your body which will help the experience sink into your brain. Focus on what feels enjoyable or meaningful about it. Any single time you do this will make a small difference. However, over time these differences will gradually add up weaving positive experiences into the fabric of your brain and yourself. When you focus on the good, you will be more equipped to handle life challenges by seeing it from a different perspective.