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Powerful hypnosis - Healing Your Body

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
Power meditation to heal you body. Be open to practicing this new visualization meditation and allow your body to heal using the power of your mind.
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Buzzing with Delight
Laying in a bubble bath filled with the aroma of lavender, I put on my headphones and pressed play. What I witnessed next was absolutely pure bliss. Following Nitima’s soothing voice, I began to let go of any and all tension that my body has been carrying around by performing a body scan. Feeling as if a huge load had been taken off, I felt my body become lighter. Feeling more relaxed than I have in awhile, I found myself flying in a helicopter and noticed some of the areas below were lit by twinkling lights and others were not. Realizing that the landscape I was looking at below was in fact my brain, I became very intrigued. Not long thereafter, a beautiful healing fluid began to coat and flush my entire brain. Lighting up neurons that were once dark and creating new networks, I felt immense clarity rush in. As I continued to lay in this warm bubbly water, all of my organs, veins, arteries, bones, tendons, muscles and tissues that make up this entire body were coated, flushed and repaired by this healing fluid. Feeling relaxed beyond belief and rejuvenated, I noticed my body was buzzing with delight from the inside out! I needed this! Thank you so much, Nitima! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Walter J
Healing ...
I woke up This morning feeling a little stiff but somewhat rested after a very physical day in my yard on Saturday. Cutting & hauling trees for several hours & then hauling piles of leaves from the yard up into the woods before the expected rain on Sunday. It did rain all day Sunday & I was very happy it all got done but was also very stiff & sore. Stretching several times helped some but still went to bed early with my heating pad on my lower back. Anyways, I woke up this morning & pulled up this meditation I had saved after reading Cherish’s bubble bath review! Settled back in my warm bed & pushed play... I turned my attention over to Nitima and allowed her to talk me into a relaxed state. I saw/felt myself being lowered down into a dark tunnel but it was very safe & warm so I started to really relax. Feeling a green beam of light start at the top of my head and slowly working it’s way down thru my brain & onto my forehead & face by scanning from side to side. Reminded me of printer cartridge going back & forth creating an image on a sheet of paper, but this was a lime green light that was rewriting or rewiring my brain & body with perfect health & relaxation. It slowly worked its way down thru my chest & organs and over every vertebrae releasing any soreness & replacing it with relaxed strength (if that make sense?!). It continued all the way down thru my toes and was done. I felt my tingly body start to slightly float from this new found lightness & sensed I was a glowing green new version of myself. She brought me back up & I became aware of the covers on me again... I was back in my bed. Wow! I feel completely re-energized, relaxed and healed/healthy again. Thanks Nitima for such a healing session! 💚🍏🍀
Feeling Radiant Now
Back was a little better this morning but I did this hypnosis to bring about healing. It really helped. I will use the light image all day
Heath Brougher
I felt…
I noticed that this was a nice conscious nap and I mighty appreciate it!
Never done before, kinda nice. Very calming. Keep trying this..
Tingly and weightless
I learned that turning over my mind to the power of persuasion has great, unexpected results. Will come back to this hypnosis/meditation again and again. Thank you.
Very different type of meditation. Paused, present, and dreamlike
I don’t respond well to healing visual light perhaps due to my religious upbringing- I don’t know… I will keep trying
I don’t respond well to healing visual light perhaps due to my religious upbringing- I don’t know… I will keep trying
Matthew Greenfield
Healing hypnotherapy
I noticed that the therapist’s atrocious grammar distracted me repeatedly. I need to let go of that. My mind kept drifting back to my father, the possibility of his death, and the complexities of a funeral. But I managed to return my thoughts to the healing blue light perfusing my body.
Brain is healing
Just relaxed and went inside and healed. Hot tub, rain on river, healing thoughts. I can do this.