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Power Nap Sleep Hypnotherapy

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This audio hypnotherapy is designed for those that struggle with sleep. People that are on the go or are so busy, struggle to find time to sleep and recharge. This therapy will allow individuals to recharge with this powerful sleep hypnosis.
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2 reflections
Just the right amount of time and Jason has a wonderfully soothing voice! Saved this one for another time
I’ve tried as he has some interesting sessions
I find that starting out each of Jason Wildes’ sessions he mentions the hum of a computer (do computers hum in 2022) and a fax machine. Ask a millennial what one is. An airplane going by is oddly specific you’d have to live by an airport in their path. Children playing outside is maybe in his neighborhood not mine. It’s like those 5 things that are so specific that I feel counted out… like these weren’t for you! Go away. W He has interesting topics and would follow but by the time I’ve gotten past humming Computers and Fax machines, airplane and children laughing I then I a mind twirl of clutter is discordant.
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