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Positive Self-Talk & Power Of Gratitude

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Trish Bianco
Feminine Leadership & Spiritual Mentor
Make sure in life you are your biggest cheerleader... Life can get rocky at times and we need a reminder we have everything we need within us. Stay strong and create positivity with your own self-talk... For more life coaching, fitness, meditations, breath work, and retreats find me at my website and reach out!
From the community
7 reflections
This is my favorite meditation on Aura! My daughter and I listen to it every morning and evening!
I learned that the 3-4 minutes doing this meditation are well spent and more important than whatever else I might do with this time. I wish the time allowed for repeating would be extended. Several times I wasn’t complete repeating and the next cue was being given.
My mind and soul are grateful for having found this meditation. It has pieces of empowering, nurturing and hope. It reminded me to always trust the process and trust our intuition for wisdom. I added it to my playlist to listen over and over again.
Peaceful and focused
I learned that everything I need I already have and relinquishing control is best
A good start
I was hesitant to repeat, but as I did, I felt better. Thank you.
jess 🧡
divine right time
beautiful affirmations to begin my day with. everything will come in divine right time ☀️
Go with the flow
This session resonated with a mindset I have had for a very long time, that I am where I am supposed to be at any given moment, that events & circumstances that save me suffering, that better my NOW play out as they were meant to. I have always as far as I can remember just let things develop at their own pace. Whenever I tried to force a freindship, job promotion,anything really important to me, it never seemed to work out. Go with the flow & trust the Universe
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