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Perfect Start To A Positive Day

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Connie Riet
Meditation & Mindfulness Coach
This positive energy meditation uses gratitude and high vibrations to create joy.
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11 reflections
Morning boost
Just the perfect way to start the day. Being grateful! My granddaughter smile will carry me through out this day!
I matter
This meditation helped the words “I matter” pop into my head and it was a good reminder that I can invite positivity and positive situations into my life. I shall continue to reframe the happenings in my life as growth and learning opportunities. I cannot control everything but I can certainly do my part to pay attention.
Breathing in all my blessings and feeling the power of positive beliefs and radiating this positive energy. Love ❤️ this!! Thank you 🙏
I felt congested
It is cold and flu season and I may have a touch of something. But this weekend was a rush of emotions that was a lot to process and those emotions came to their apex while leaving Texas. As I drive away from my son I don’t know when the next time that I’ll see him and that’s how it tends to go when it comes to him. But I stayed in the feelings allowing myself to cry and feel, because as soon as I was back home the mission continues. I’m this meditation I allowed me to be kind to myself. I don’t always do that because as a man I need to be be strength for everyone else. I embrace this role and feel that it is a part of my identity because I am capable. I ask that while I be strong my I be well, creative and most importantly heal.
The will to feel at peace
It only takes your thoughts and good behaviour to change your life for the better. Don’t stay in the shadow of uncertainty and fear. Once you allow yourself to feel the presence of goodness and joy, nothing else can scare you heart of what is to come.
I noticed sadness and feelings of worthlessness. I am trying to hold those feelings with kindness and love, and to recognize that they help give me empathy and ability to love others. I am holding those feelings with love. I am holding those feelings with compassion and gratefulness
This meditation was soft, warm, positive, and beautiful. Her gentle voice and words allowed me to feel a golden light surrounding me. Inside me. The affirmations of gratitude brought to mind the simple things this morning. I'm thankful. I am worthy of love and light. I smile as I breathe in, feeling good, healthy, and whole. Good morning! Today is a great day to be happy! 🌞🎃🙃
Begin the day with joy and positivity!
A gentle and powerful meditation, bringing light into my being, joy into my heart. Just the act of smiling can stimulate positivity!
Positive Day
I was a little distracted but left the mediation calm and relaxed. Day 2 with a lower feeling of anxiety and depression.
I radiate happiness, joy, and peace
I felt my light from within grow to surround me in a tall and wide ball of protection that will only allow happiness, joy, peace, and positivity in and will spread onto others that I love and come in contact with today. This is my reminder to visualize this light every new day so I can continue to be uplifted and uplift others!
I felt my mind soften, and as my mind softened my body followed suit. At the end of the meditation, I felt a spontaneous smile spreading across my face.
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