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Pain Management

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
You will learn to change your relationship with your pain. Stories around the pain are normally much bigger than the pain itself. This meditation is about recognizing these unhelpful patterns letting them go so you can sit back, relax and feel at ease with your physical sensations.
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I felt when my back was hurting I kept breathing and my back loosened up a little bit so it didn’t hurt as bad
Stress is a killer. It can be overwhelming. It can be difficult to overcome. I hate feeling this way.
So true
I noticed that everything that was said is true, I am going through this wave of rejection and it hurts so badly, I practically cry myself to sleep. And everything that was said made me realize that it is not my fault, and that maybe thing might work out for me in the end. This didn’t take any of the pain away from me but it brought me a step closer to doing so
Take control and manage your pain
Thank you for your insight on how to observe, recognize and accept your pain instead of trying to ignore it. I always thought that ignoring it and pushing through was the way to handle my pain. Now I can see that by doing this I was just avoiding instead of meeting it head on. In fact I was giving the pain even more importance. I probably was making the pain even worse this way. It seems unnatural to accept pain but, it is like any other sensation we experience and we must honor and give it acceptance to just be. We should at the same time recognize the positive sensations in our body also. This way we allow space for all of our sensations. 🙏
The best meditation
This meditation got all my pain away .Yesterday I got a sirgury and this meditation got all my pain if and I got to relax . Thank you Aura ♥️
Woke up with searing, burning pain in my muscles. This meditation begins by explaining that often we make the pain worse than it really is by magnifying it with our thoughts which can be true. unfortunately I did not react in a positive manner to hearing that today. It felt dismissive like if I only change my thinking the pain would go away. well for some of us that is simply not true. I quit the meditation and am moving on to find something more helpful. ☹️
Woke up with a H/A.
I learned that using aura could help along with Tylenol, an eye mask, & my heated neck roll.
In between the pain
Pain is something that we, as human beings, are familiar with; pain is a constant in our lives. It's important to pinpoint what triggers pain in us; is it our expectations of how things should be? Is it the way I sit dow or get back up? Remember that pain is not only physical, but it can be emotional as well. Take a moment to just acknowledge your pain: where does it come from and what can I do to feel better?
I felt very calm and aware of my pains. Like mentioned in the practice, I felt as if they were not as large or painful as I anticipated.
I feed into my brain when I have pain. Mostly at night when I'm trying to sleep. Physical pain intensifies when my body has relaxed. It keeps me awake for half the night.
Pain in my knee
I learnt that by acknowledging pain but not judging it, it can help to take the strain away from the pain. I have been having very bad pain in my knee and I have been thinking about how much it will hurt when I have to do certain things, rather than just acknowledging how the pain is in the moment. So I want to try to work on not thinking about how bad it WILL be and instead focus on how it IS.
Extremely Offensive !!! When someone suffers chronic, debilitating pain from injuries, it is extremely cruel to suggest it’s ass in the mind !!! Pain so intense that there is only silence. I cannot believe your cruelty !!!! 😫😡
anticipation of the pain
focusing on the actual pain, made me realise how much anticipation of the pain made it worse
I felt annoyed I couldn’t find my shoes for gym I was in pain from looking for them throughout the house
I stopped and did a meditation on pain and t relaxed but. Very tired. But glad I reset my mood from a negative one.
Lessening pain
I felt a new pain in my foot from new shoes. As I relaxed and just stayed with it the intensity became lower.
Managing chronic pain
This meditation was helpful to stop panicking and to Remind myself that this pain flare is temporary and that it’s going to get better. I would not go as far as to call pain my friend, however, but appreciate thinking about acceptance of my pain that I can’t control
Managing Pain
This helped me understand that fighting the chronic pain only makes me feel more frustrated and helpless. Instead if I sit with it and quietly notice it, my mind is calmer allowing me to cope better in that moment. I appreciated the analogy of pain to a crying baby. If you ignore it or yell at it it just gets louder and worse. But if you sit with it and let it know you are quietly there with it, it allows for more peace.
Mind - body connection
I learned that the mind is powerful and it can dictate our level of pain before we even feel it.
Pain management
Pain is another sensation. Let it come and go. Do not anticipate it