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Overcoming Adversity

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Dave Pamah
Life, Health and Fitness Coach
In this life coaching session I encourage you to embrace adversity and learn from it instead of fighting against it.
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Overcoming Adversity
Powerful words to live by! I have spent many a moment on the bitter path & often get stuck there. It is always helpful to me when I am reminded that I am not the only one facing adversity. When the storms have passed, sometimes I feel better but not always. I’m still a work in progress. 🙏
Overcoming adversity
Choosing the path to become better during an adverse event is an ongoing struggle, I find. Every day I wake up and work to overcome negative thoughts that try to hold me on the path towards bitterness. Making sure I pause and reflect on the good things in my life, and the better choices I have made is a small way to remind myself in the mornings not to listen to that part of me that wants to join the chorus of bitter thoughts that want to turn a beautiful day dark.
choose better
love that slogan, easy to remember and makes for a great affirmation
Overcoming adversity
I need to allow myself to heal but not dwell on things I need to overcome
Bad is different for everyone
Everyone has their own problems and people like to use the excuse that there are always people who have it worse. While that is true we can’t forget that some people do have terrible life our problems no matter how insignificant they may seem ARE VALID! This helped me remember that.
Bitter or Better
You have a choice when facing adversity in your life. You can let it make you bitter. Or you can choose the path to make you better. It’s okay to have a pity party for yourself when adversity strikes. However it is important to get back up and move forward from the experience.
The battle and the hat
Better or bitter... thats a good point. And one of it it is, even if we don‘t consciously or refuse to choose. Its like the only real battle is the one between letting go and hanging in. And its on us to choose. Well, if we don‘t choose better one, we land on the other end of the stick, only because we can‘t get our head out of our butt ... i learned early on: it‘s not a hat anyway.
Thanks Dave. I love your talks!!!
His talks always make me think. I am generally positive except for work when I can get a little bitter due to their past actions. I will work on this.
Better over bitter
I am going to focus on feeling better over bitter; one will come to pass and I get to choose which is my response to the situation.
I choose to be better through this adversity. Life is too short and life is good. I will do my best to put a smile on my face and to put the past behind and move forward. I believe and I know in my heart that better things are awaiting for me and I want to take this chance and embrace it. I trust in the Lord
This lesson reminded me that I can control how I react to adversity. I needed to hear that today so I can go back to my work desk and reset my approach.
I want better so I have to chase it and grab it. I no longer just survive and live for myself anymore. I have children who are looking for me and looking up to me. The determination of being successful in all avenues in this life.
The Gift of Adversity
“You have to choose every morning because everyday adversity will give you the choice of quitting.” Marcus Aurelius Anderson This reminded me of my favorite quote by a friend who did a TedEx talk on adversity.
We go through hardships in our life it is our choice whether or not we let them bother us or if we choose to be happy
Emotions are normal
Important to recognize how you feel. Of course, our ability to rise up and learn from it will be the ultimate test of the words.
Excellent advice
I needed to hear all this. Adversity is a part of life, and I have been fortunate to create rainbows from my life storms
reaffirmation of adversity
i was newly reaffirmed to me that adversities will pass no matter what; and in their wake it will leave you better or bitter. only you have the power to distinguish how you will let it affect your mindset, mood, life and thought.
Comfortable here
I learned that it’s very difficult to meditate when having restless legs. It’s hard to focus on anything other than moving them.
Be better than bitter
It’s easy to fall into a trap of pity and blame, and keep making the wrong choices for the wrong reasons. It’s harder to pick a mindful path and respond carefully and reasonably, but the right path is worth it.
Hit deep
I couldn’t keep in myself not saying “f*^% you” this spoke to every aspect of what I’m going through right now and it felt amazing that it was so so on point.
Everyone faces adversity. I need to know when to work through it, or get on with my life.
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