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Overcome Globus Hystericus (Throat Lump)

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Melissa Stefanski, PhD
Hypnosis is highly effective at treating Globus Hystericus - that lump in the throat feeling, or anxiety-related throat constriction. Do you find it hard to breathe, talk, or swallow when you get that lump in the throat feeling? If you're given the medical all-clear, and told that what you've got is Globus Hystericus, this is actually good news. It doesn't mean that you are hysterical and just imagining that you have a lump in your throat. It means that your physical discomfort is a reaction to stress, tension, or anxiety. Hypnosis helps you: Learn to relax very deeply. No longer worry about those situations that used to bring on discomfort. Simply don't notice your throat as much. Naturally, turn your attention to other things.