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Our Divine Purpose

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Daniel Roquéo
Spiritual Teacher and Healer
None of us have come here out of chance or out of happenstance. And no matter what stories we may have been told, we are not a mistake. But we all have chosen to come here to consciously participate in our Divine Purpose. We all share the same purpose, but as we are all unique and perfect individuals, we all have different ways of carrying out that purpose. In other words, we all have our unique missions here on this planet. I invite you to join me as we explore both of these.
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2 reflections
I'm not religious, but...
While I am not religious, I did enjoy this track, for a long time I have believed kindness matters, helping one another, and good is out there. I do lose my way from time to time but always come back to growing within as a being and that we're all trying the best we can. While Daniel talks about God and our purpose, I can not say if it is right or not, but it's a nice theory and even for one that may not believe in God(s) I still am comforted with the words spoken in this session. Over the years I have accepted we make our own purpose, and shocking enough what Daniel speaks about is In part of what I decided my purpose to be, to try to put goodness into the world around me and out there. Good vibes and energy and to continue to grow and learn; yes I have obstacles even to this day, but keep reflecting and growing. Thanks so much for this session I really enjoyed it!
Maria Elena
Kind and heartfelt words… thank you Daniel
Most of the hours of a day I use to do things I do not know why I do that … feeling of responsibility I guess It is just recently that I am using part of my daytime to listen and feel and to discover my soul purpose I am getting close to my 80s and hope that I have the blessing to acquire some knowledge of my pure soul purpose before is too late I am happy 😊 Blessings blessings
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