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Opening To Your Day

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Rosalie Dores M.A
Meditation Teacher & Mentor
Each new day is a gift. A meditation to support you in developing balance and openness with regard to what the day will bring.
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Open Bowl
Despite our best intentions for the day, we cannot control what life throws at us. Indeed, unexpected things will cross our path as we go about our day. We will welcome some with open arms and some well, we’ll want to spit out immediately because of their sourness in our mouth. Because of this clinging to what we want vs spitting out what we don’t want, we are unconsciously thinking we know what is best for us. Some Buddhist monks and nuns leave their monasteries with an open bowl. They have something that a lot of us lack in our life. Trust. Instilled with faith that their needs will be met no matter what propels them to go out and into the village with an open bowl. I personally love this idea. To walk through my day with an open bowl is what I inspire to do today. To have this faith means that all my life experiences make me a better person, for all things come together for my good! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Open Bowl
I’m smiling as I rise with my open bowl not knowing what will fill it but confident there will be good along with interesting things and I will be grateful for all of it, ready to receive and learn.
Great analogy
Love this analogy of the Buddhist monk carrying an empty bowl into the street market hoping for scraps or food to fill his bowl. As we make it through our day, we can enter it with that same glimmer of hope that someone/thing might add to our bowl, and we can accept with satisfaction whatever does come to us. Then we can turn the bowl over whenever we need some rest and solitude.
Be Empty to Start Your Day
What a lovely way to look at each day. If we start empty we are ready for so much more than if we start full with plans of how it should go.