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One Minute to Sanity: Productivity Hack

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Marisa Moon
Primal Health Coach & Fasting Coach
Do you ever feel like every which way you turn you see a reminder of something you need to get done? Today we’re talking about those pesky little tasks that require our attention each and every day but because they’re so small, we push them off until later… and they build up and cause chaos. What if I told you you’re just 1-minute away from sanity if you start to apply what we learn in today’s session? These 3 minutes could change your life. Marisa Moon, NBC-HWC, marisamoon.com
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The struggle is real!
I like the idea of tackling small tasks before they become large tasks. I’m totally guilty of allowing things to slide and become nearly too overpowering to complete! Faced with the prospect of going in to business for myself once again, I NEED to get better at time management and attacking tasks when they are presented, rather than letting them slide. I SWORE I would never start another business of my own, yet here I am with several contracts for work to complete, and I’m having issues motivating myself! My main issue is that I’m a “ducks-in-a-row” sort of guy, and that often trips me up! In my stroke-addled mind, everything has pre-requisites! Certain tasks MUST be completed BEFORE I can move forward with important tasks...
So true
Heard about this one before in some book and I can vouch for its effectiveness. Makes life so much simpler
Conquering my stack of mail
And my coffee mug too! I’ve allowed my mail to just accumulate and I try to wait for a free Saturday so I could tackle it but Marissa’s right I should just tackle it when I pick up my mail.
Queen of Clutter
I think that this is one more task I am okay with adding to my days.
clutter majority
yes im one, and one minute to sanity is very helpful for me. maybe i have mild to moderate adhd, i will get myself diagnosed.. someday... for the meantime; i will try to manage my time, finishing 1-2 task using one minute to sanity. gradually i know it will improved.. i hope.. i believe
Just 3
I always struggle with tasks. I make lists and everything, but I never complete all of them. I think this method of organizing my priorities will help me a lot, it is very simple and easy, you just have to choose the 3 most important tasks you need to do and start by doing them, then you do all the rest. It looks very useful and I really hope this will help me 😁
So obvious!
One minute tasks. So simple, so easy, so quick, so obvious. Who can’t do this? But who has ever bluntly pointed out the obvious? Marisa, is your mother aware she gave birth to a genius in the fundamentals of living a happy life in today’s world? I most certainly hope so!!!! If not, someone better tell her!!❤️
Walter J
It really is amazing how much you can get done in a minute. And those minutes add up quickly with visible results. Great rewards, minimal effort - sounds like a good value to me... Count me in!! Thanks for the info Marisa! ❤️☮️🍀
Walter J
I have been practicing the one-minute to Sanity rule for awhile now and it is helping! If it can be done in less than a minute or so, I focus on doing it. Sometimes making it a fun game by seeing how much I can cram into a minute! ❤️⏱🍀
Life hack in words and work.
Knowing the one-minute rule is pretty life-organising for chronic procrastinators like us who love pushing tiny to tiny works till the last second, until they amount to some voluminous stuff, cumulatively. Hoping to try to practise this rule as much as possible!
The thing that bothers me every single day is the kitchen. I hate the dishes and I hate the countertops. They feel sticky and thinking about them makes me think of diseases and my stomach gets uncomfortable just imagining cleaning them. If I were to divide it all into one minute tasks I would clean one small dish at first taking one minute right after I’m done eating off it. I will not let it sit on the counter top, instead I will use a one second impulse to pick it up, go to the sink, and start cleaning it with my brush. I do not have to think about anything else, only the first one dish.
The thing that bothers me every single day is the kitchen. I hate the dishes and I hate the countertops. They feel sticky and thinking about them makes me think of diseases and my stomach gets uncomfortable just imagining cleaning them. If I were to divide it all into one minute tasks I would clean one small dish at first taking one minute right after I’m done eating off it. I will not let it sit on the counter top, instead I will use a one second impulse to pick it up, go to the sink, and start cleaning it with my brush. I do not have to think about anything else, only the first one dish.
I too despise the kitchen and washing dishes...
And ordinarily I am one of the tidy people, but a life-halting situation like moving and surgery can completely throw me into a tailspin and if it's major enough, it literally can take me months to get back on track as stress will literally make me ill. I'm starting to do yoga and flexibility movements before allowing myself to get caught up in the day, thus cluttering my head and leaving me completely out of it. I'm still getting used to being calmer in the morning.
I do have a habit of “will do later” and the accumulation causes a lot of stress later .
I have started practicing the one minute rule and have a very good felling of getting things done . Feel organized for a change . Very helpful in daily life and easy to implement . Thank you .
My car
My car is always a mess. I leave things that I don’t use -or trash- in there, I hate to clean it and it’s never clean :( I’ll start by not leaving trash in my car. For example, I received a package from amazon a couple of day ago and I left the empty box there... and I’ve been filling it with more trash. I’ll take it out today :) Thanks Aura.
It’s so easy
After a while we don’t even see, or notice much, that the bed isn’t made, the floor isn’t shiny... so many ways to get mired in muck. And it’s not that hard to work our way out - we (I) just need to pay attention. Not to everything all at once, but yes, make the bed every day, and put all the accumulated STUFF on it in its own place (if there is one).
put it back where it belongs
i learned this while i was growing up but having a maid to wait on you nade me lazy. then having too much space and things makes it worst.. i have to do this and teach my children too
I've listened to this track from Marisa previously. I find that a year later, I'm still struggling to find my way. Post-stroke me is SO VERY DIFFERENT! I don't really care for this guy. I feel whiney and complain-y now, where I was much more of ”get to it/get it done” sort of guy before the stroke. I struggle now just to keep things moving forward. So much hinges now on waiting for some of the slowest people in the universe to get things done correctly for me! The government moves at a glacial pace! I'm frustrated and angry. 🥺
Good tip
I'm going to start practicing this around the RV. Maybe start with making my bed and putting things back after I use them.
One minute to sanity....
I would like to preface this by saying one thing; whether or not she meant the comment to be stereotypical, I kind of took slight offense to the ADHD comment as a person diagnosed with it, amongst other mental illnesses. Other than that, a good daily rule. I always make my bed after getting up since there is a saying, “If you didn’t accomplish anything else today, at least you get to climb into a nicely made bed.”
one minute
I learned that if you see something it shouldn't trigger anxiety. When you think of it as a minute task it seems less daunting and more manageable.
Hey, my dear
I’ve heard this before but I’m stressed enough today that I’ll actually try it.
Cluttermess that I am, I’m going to start with my laundry and my cat’s food bowl.
I’m going to set a schedule of all the domestic things I can do in a day to make myself feel valuable and support my family.
Day 72
I know I put off so much. Nothing detrimentally harmful putting these things off. But I feel as if I make a habit of carrying those tendencies in other aspects of my life.. Putting off cleaning those dishes immediately. Or maybe not doing the laundry won’t hurt. Those turn into me putting off reaching out to a friend because I’m too tired. Or saying I’ll go out next weekend because of excuses I make to stay in. Or forgetting to follow up at work, or complete my work turns into a last minute whirlwind and I get angry and frustrated. I guess the positive is I know I am not always like this. I have moments like today where I look inward and identify these little tendencies add up exponentially. If you happen to be reading my passage here. Go do that damn thing you have been putting off. Much love
One Minute Rule
I am pretty much the person who does do this but there are tasks I do procrastinate on. These are the tasks I allow to annoy me daily and put them off. This lesson has given me the tool to take them on! Thank you, Marissa!
The path to focus
It does help me focus on the bigger tasks if I get the little ones out of the way first or on a break. I like the advice though to NOT make the little tasks my distraction when I’m focused or should be focusing on something big. It’s a fine balance worth working toward. Namaste
Walter J
Thanks Marissa for this powerful advice!! I believe the surest way to have a great life is to have a whole bunch of great days that add up together. And the easiest way to have a great day is to do all that you do that day in a great way. Every task matters so never cut a corner. Now you have given us some great advice how to get to a lot of tasks in order to have a great day & build a life of greatness! Thank you!! ❤️🙏🍀
One minute. Oneself and one action
I learned that one is the largest number and is infinite in results “one” is a prefix of life’s puzzle. Beginning with one GOD
one minute rule is very convenient to start and end a work, every procrastinator should apply this in life to get rid of mess.
Little things
I want to reduce clutter One minute tasks willl help The two things i am going to start 1. Putting clothes away 2. Washing dishes
One Minute Tasks
Yes the clutter! So true that neglect of small tasks piles up and grows and evolves into difficult problems that take more time to resolve. Ah to take that small step. I’ll do it now!
One Minute...
Sometimes it takes less than a minute. Can my husband listen to this one?
I think like the speaker, I'll use this on making my bed and dishes.
I don’t do messy!!!
I am a very organized person by nature... my husband is my polar opposite... our living space is tidy and stress free, his area in the basement and all other areas he occupies are cluttered and messy... it gives me anxiety to even think about it...I can’t think comfortably in his areas... however, what I have learned over the many years together, is that this is who he is and always has and will be just like I have and will continue to be neat and tidy...so our compromise is he can have his messiness downstairs as long as he keeps it there and respects my neat and tidy areas of our main floor and upstairs... boundaries are set and it mostly works very well... however, for some reason, I have to remind him of this arrangement when he is upstairs every now and again 😂😂...we have a large home, which we were blessed to purchase a year and a half ago, and his messiness is out of my site and I can remain mostly stress free as a result... for his messiness, there are not enough minutes to get him ship shape even though he knows where everything is located... life is about compromise in these situations, pushing my neat and tidy behavior on him is counter productive since he doesn’t think in this manner, in many instances this can and has lead to many arguments... so, I resonate with this message deeply and it makes perfect sense to me as a chaotic environment creates a chaotic mind... ❤️
One minute to Sanity starts now!!
I really want to start using this! I think this will help a lot of my issues at home. I am not a messy person, but sometimes I do have the mindset of I will do it later and then things just add up so quickly and make me feel overwhelmed. I feel much better when my house is clean and tidy. This will help with my overall mindset!!
Such a great idea to cut down on stress! Going to try this in my work and personal life.
1 min to sanity..
It made me realise what I do is normal but just to get it done would then remove the frustration immediately.
1 minute to sanity
I learned that my clutter can be uncluttered by tackling some of the little things first. There is clutter on every available area, boxes everywhere, and more food in the fridge than I have ever had, but the key for me is to take my short breaks to meditate, focus, refresh myself and get the little things done.
One Minute to Sanity
Marissa used the same examples that drive me crazy. Unmade bed, dishes and the mail—I’m a multitasker and it is hard to just finish one thing from the start. I’m looking forward to see how this works...
60 Seconds or 1 Minute
What an amazing way of explaining how the tasks in life can overcome us so quickly. I am the tidy, straightening up person who takes on too much because it will “just take a few minutes to do” so I do them. Where I’ve fallen short is that it leads me into other “tasks”. I then, put off the important tasks of life because I chose to do one more thing. Today, I am going to apply the one-minute routine!!
Just one minute
I loved how she made me feel normal for how things currently are, but showed how easy it would be to change for the better. Very tangible
One Minute
Such a true message. If it can get done in under a minute, isn’t it worth it to your sanity to do? I think so!
It was okay
I totally can relate and get this but when she went to list off the first example of grabbing the mail it through me off because I am living somewhere where I don't get that at the moment..but I get it..I will be trying one minute to sanity everyday from now on
This is what I want to learn to apply in my office and bedroom. High-traffic areas like kitchen and bedroom I’m able to keep relatively tidy. And it must be done throughout the day! At the end of my workday, which is when I tell myself I’ll do it, I’m too exhausted.
Liesel :)
Save your Sanity
This is extremely helpful in that it actually inspires you to get things done. It brings you to the realization that you’ll feel better when you do, which effectively counteracts the “instant gratification” argument for procrastinating.
Not for me
I understand how this can be helpful for many, however it’s not for me. I’m ok with the tasks under 1 minute. It’s the 5-10minutes low priority tasks that build up in my life, that always seem to stay on my ‘to-do’ list and just when I think I’ll get to them, something else comes along that needs to be done more. I’m sure at some point this premise can be expanded to then include the tasks I need to get done, but for the moment I don’t feel I can incorporate it into my life. Still worth a listen though.
Small Ws
Look for small victories, they can set the tone for a good and productive outlook.
Set tasks... achieve them... feel good
I learned that everything works off each other... if you keep delaying its get worse you feel bad but if you keep progressing and finishing tasks you feel better.
Sometimes I do feel like my surroundings can be a little cluttering and when I do clean and organized stuff. My mind does process stuff a lot better. I even feel at peace.
High Performance
I love the 1 minute rule! This will be a game changer to get the task done and dusted! Thank you
Just checking in with loved ones frequently is something that I’ve perhaps stopped doing over the past few years. I’m going to start doing that from here on out 🧘‍♂️
1 minute
60 seconds until sanity. This is great way to look at things and helps make multiple tasks seem a lot easier to get through. Make my bed, put shoes away when coming in and not walking past a finished washing load. JUST 60 SECONDS
Clea Chloe
I get distracted sometimes and believe that if I tried the one minute to sanity hack it would clear clutter of space and mind. Little things do add up and the mess can be even more Stressful as you ignore it even though it needs to be done and is relatively easy to do.
I felt really heard and good that I was not alone on this. I felt like a weight was lifted from me.
That I need to take a minute and allow myself to do something productive and not leave it for later.
One Minute Hack
I learned that I am easily distracted from a task I’m working on to do something I can achieve quicker so I’m taking from this session not to do that and to stick with the task I’m working on! 😀
Since moving to a house without a dishwasher two years ago, I can’t ever get ahead of the dishes. How can I say I don’t have time to wash my mug in the morning after listening to this? I’m definitely going to try this.
Tidy up
I learned that I am less stressed out if I put my attention on things that need to be done in the moment
Wow what a lovely piece of advise. I’m doing do my best to follow this and going to tackle few things.
Cluttered Mind
I learned that the one minute rule could be very helpful and I am willing to try to implement this into my life. I just have to keep it in the forefront if my mind so I can remember to put it into action. She is so right about the little clutter around me are just little things that I think I'll get to later and then i get distracted by something else and forget what I was doing in the first place, so those things never get completed. Then by the end of the day or week ive got a huge mess that is unnecessary and could've been avoided in the first place. I just realized im putting more stress on myself than is necessary. If I dont have all the little things in the way I can actually tackle larger more important tasks and possibly get more done! I just have to do it.
One minute to sanity
I need to do all the tasks that can be done in under a minute right away.
I had already been taught this by a friend but have since found out that this is an actual technique. I do already semi use this but shall try and apply this more to my day to day.
Devendra guta
One minute rule
Small problems if we don't deal with them right now they will be a greater deal to do so. Whenever you face them deal them right there
This one really resonated with me. There are a million things a day that I say “I’ll do that later.
I learned that I can try this strategy to slowly tackle the overwhelming feeling of clutter.
Realised that those little tasks do add to our daily stresses and anxiety. That tension I feel during the day could be a build up of little things I personally and mentally add to my “to do list” but never gets done. It’s time to ease stress.
Dont procrastinate
Instead of letting your to do list pile up, do them right away. Take a min out of your day, daily, to wash the dishes right away. Fix your bed. Put back the item you've taken, etc.
Easy hack
I am going to apply this right now, today. I like things clean and organized, but I’ve got to be quite a slob lately. I think I set my goals too high before because I was doing task that took longer and I was doing too many task at the same time. Sometimes life is like that you just Gotta keep flowing with it. I think my things in my house all look better starting today.
Just 1 minute...
1 minute to sanity; if tasks take less than 1 minute to complete then do them in the moment. When we let little things pile up, it creates chaos in our life. Do not interrupt a task to complete the 1 minute task. This is super helpful because it helps put into perspective, take 1 minute to do things now or a lot of minutes trying to catch up in the future. I will try to be more mindful of this while working from home.
One minute to sanity
Generally I've learned to do it when i have the opportunity long as it takes not much your time that's a minute or less. Thanks for this Aura
Looking back I realize that I used to just put off as much as I could.
That if it only takes 1 minute to put away one thing or do one thing I should just try to do it and it will help clear not only the area but also my mind.
One Minute to Sanity
I learned that the little things add up to create chaos. It is important to not let them build throughout your day. Do what you can when you notice what needs to be done.
One minute to sanity
I struggle with procrastination , especially the academic aspect of my life . I will practice one minute to Sanity to get organized the least part.
One minute to sanity
I like this idea. I like that it limits it to one minute tasks.
One minute rule
This session really made me think and realize that for long term results to be accomplished it takes the completion of many short term goals in order to get to the end result. Mountains may seem large at first glance but if you take it step by step you’ll be at the peak in no time!
Hit home
I was literally stepping over laundry, saw dishes in the sink and my unmade bed all while listening to this lesson. I got work to do.
One minute is not a lifetime.
I am glad that I am not alone in this thought and though I do put things off the side too many time. It's good to feel that if it is accomplished within under a minute anything is possible
Good advice
I will definitely try to implement this method. I believe that it will help me avoid a lot of stress
The dog toy(s)
I walk past dog toys every day and just glance at them as if they’ll put themselves away. It’s metaphorical for lots of instances of my life. That’s where I’ll start.
One minute to sanity
I should be taking just a minute to complete simple, easy tasks to declutter my surroundings and thus declutter my life ❤️
I'm going to try this with my dishes, I don't have a dish washer and I have a habit of just putting them on the counter and then getting overwhelmed by them
Great message!
Love it I’m going to start looking at my surroundings and to do’s in terms of one minute opportunities. 😊
Clearing our Clutter Puzzle
Some of us are highly organized and do small tasks as they are presented. But, for the majority of us, we experience an internal debate on doing a task. Responding to a task with a ‘I’ll get to it later’, we soon find our surroundings piled high of clutter. Overwhelmed, we put our body and mind through much unnecessary stress. To help clear our clutter puzzle and thus give us back our sanity, there is a productivity hack called the one minute rule. Created by Gretchen Rubin, this genius one minute rule is as follows: when we are presented with a task that can be completed within a minute, we push ourselves to do it right then and there. There is only one exception to this rule. When we are already tasked with something, we should keep with the task at hand until it is fully completed before beginning a new task. In this manner, we will not be surrounded by a bunch of tasks half completed. If we find that we are already organized, we can use this one minute rule to tackle bigger tasks. But, for the rest of us, Marisa says to begin with small tasks, such as putting a cup in the sink after using it or picking something off of the floor and then move on to bigger tasks. To help guide us to applying this rule in our life, Marisa says to look around our surroundings and notice the things that seem to irritate us every single day and begin there. Thinking of what irritates me every single time I see it, I know where I need to start. I have opened mail stored in an area that once looked organized, but has quickly become a sore sight to look at. My desk is another matter. Moreover, I appreciate learning the exception to this rule as I have often begun a task and allowed myself to get distracted. Before I know it, that one task that should have taken only minutes to complete has turned into hours. Feeling behind, I put my body and mind through unnecessary stress. To keep my body and mind clear from unnecessary stress, I will focus on the task at hand until fully completed and then move on. To focus and thus be present on the task at hand, I’ll use my breath as my guide. Anytime something comes up that distracts me, I’ll remind myself that my body is breathing and connect with it. Giving myself that split second to connect with my breath, I’ll kindly say to myself and/or others that I’m already busy and that I’ll get to it when I’ve completed the task at hand. As I just came up with this idea, I can already see the benefits of in my mind’s eye. For starters, I’ll be more on track to accomplish what I set out to do rather than being pushed and pulled here, there and everywhere. This will help keep me in a flow state where my intuition guides my every move rather than my rational mind overthinking everything. Not overthinking everything, my mind is open and free to sense that anything is possible, because in reality, truly anything is possible! In this way, I’ll be able to sense any new opportunities that may come along my day! Thank you, Marisa! 🙏🏻❤️
A small thing
Im super organized at work but at i let things go all the time. I do things I normally would not do if I wasn’t exhausted from work. I just want to mentally come home and be done for the day. Things pile up and it stresses me out. I spend my time off doing nothing to trying fixes the messes that built up or I ignore them completely. I hate living like that but my brain is done trying get everything done and remember to finish all those tasks for the day. The one minute rule helps me focus on a small thing to get done. It stops my brain from panicking about everything. This is a helpful tool to be productive but not overwhelmed.
I like the concept, but how do I apply it when there’s 2 of us? I love my boyfriend, but he’s worse than me at this stuff! I will be applying this to my work area though!
I feel empowered to apply this in my life. It is a simple enough concept that I know I can do it!
Mess and Stress
I try to live like this; a messy space brings down the vibration of my entire family. But sometimes stress and anxiety cause me to not even notice these things, and it creates a cycle which feeds itself.
Loved this!
I love this. What a simple way to be just a little bit better each day
Simple is Best
Start with one or two simple things. Don’t have to solve everything at once.
I often put off the most simple tasks and end up feeling rubbish and unorganised. Definitely will do this and remind myself how much better id feel after ☺️
Marissa-you are awesome !
She’s either a guardian angel of stressed out humans, or she is a genius. Her productivity hack made me hopeful that I can find order from chaos. Thank you, Marissa! You should be a life coach!! Kidding, but you lifted my spirits, and, you are awesome 🤩 Thank you! Be well!
I love this idea but I feel that I will forget it within the first hour just like I do with everything else. Perhaps I should put sticky notes around the house.
hi there
I learned that I need to focus on one task at a time, and stop stressing myself over all the things that need to do get done. I feel this is gonna be a challenge for sure.
I realise there are a lot of areas of procrastination in my life. I hate mess, and clutter but get overwhelmed by it.
1 minute rule
I will make my bed each morning to ensure that one productive task gets completed every day.
One minute to sanity
Just do it! Postponing the little things is what makes them become big things. By taking care of the little things, right then, it helps to reduce clutter/noise and to allow for peace and relaxation.
Clean up the mess.
One minute is not unreasonable to ask from myself. There is no excuse not to apply this daily in my life.
I need to learn to just do it and then it will become 2nd nature.
One minute is not to long. I can even make it a game to see if I can complete the task in less than a minute.
One Munute to Sanity
My one minute tasks that can make a difference: -wipe counter -sweep kitchen floor -make bed -wipe bathroom sink down -take out trash vs leaving on the floor by door
One Minute!
It’s easy to say I’ll do it later but all of those laters will turn into hours when you find time to clear the clutter and clean. Houuuuurrrrsss! I decided to straighten as I go so that it’s not a huge task at another time. This seeps into other areas of your life as well. Thanks for the reminder Marisa!! Loved this!
One Minute to Sanity
Thank you for the gentle nudge to put my clean clothes away! It really would be a relief to see less clutter
One minute
During this exercise, I thought of a few things that I can do. One of them is putting away my shoes instead of piling them up at the front door. Another is always washing my dish and put it in the dishwasher. Also taking the trash down to the dumpster
I learnt that I can feel calm and focussed by using meditation first thing in the morning when I’m awake. Meditation helps to awaken the body and mind amd doesn’t make me sleepy and want to stay in bed . Instead it allows me to start my day in a peaceful focussed way . Motivating me to start my daily tasks in a more orderly way , not flirting from one task to the next . ADD
Life’s a little different because I’m quarantined in a hotel
I feel calm and confident I can apply this lesson to me new chaotic life I have ahead of me on deployment
One minute to sanity
I’m eager to start applying this tip to my life, but also a little overwhelmed. There are so many little tasks that could be done in under a minute that if I tried to do them all I’d quickly be in another cleaning frenzy. I will take the advice to start with one or two things first and build from there. I can focus on emptying full trash cans as that will go a long way to other surfaces not being left cluttered. For my 2nd task I’ll work on moving clothes from the washer to the dryer so I dont have to rewash them.
1 minute to sanity
I loved this advice! I'm gonna start applying it today, I'm a mess with clothes 🤦🏽‍♀️
Love this I will try this starting today!
I feel like this is going to help a lot with my anxiety, doing one thing at a time!
One minute to sanity
If there’s a simple task that takes less than a minute to do it straight away, except when I’m already doing a task.
I’m tired.
Don’t really remember. Clean right away? Not that complicated. I become an asshole when I’m tired.
Didn’t know these were public. My bad. It was good though, short, concise, and to the point.
Progress and reflection
I learned a positive new perspective on my clutter n was glad to receive a simple message of encouragement and action that can put into play right away. Awesome
Feeling better
I felt more refreshed than I did from before. I’ve been really stressed lately.
All things are possible
Thanks for the encouragement to take a little bite of what needs to be done. Every step, no matter how small, is a step forward. Namaste
Keep On Top Of It
Avoiding procrastination is key. It’s very easy to slip into the habit of “oh I’ll do that later”, but in the end, being pro-active will make your life easier & free up time for other things. Happiness and success through accomplishment of tasks.
1 min to sanity
I can look for one minute tasks to do in my day-to-day life. When I walk in the door, I can find some thing out of place and put it where it belongs.
Very useful Productivity Session
I took away what seems like such a simple productivity hack that I’ve only just heard about, and I am going to start applying in my life from today… My few things I’m going to apply this hack to are 1)Making my bed every morning 2)Hanging my clothes up when dressing/ undressing 3)Replying to messages when I get them so they don’t build up
I can do this!
The small things will add up. I’m going to pick one or two things every day that I can work on.
One minute to sanity
I already do this for little things… will practice applying it to starting larger tasks.
I know for myself that my house reflects my mind. So when I have clutter, half done projects or jobs and my bed is not made, my thoughts are in chaos arrrgggh!!! I’m sitting here, looking at it all and just feeling so tired…BUT I remind myself baby steps, it’s not a marathon, you need to put everything you do for others on hold for this minute and just focus on what I need.
House cleaning
I learned that if I a do a little each day, it won’t turn into a massive project on weekends that I will hate and dread.
House cleaning
This was so helpful and understanding i will make this a habit.
The Clutter
I learned that I can focus on a couple of tasks that drive me the most crazy vs. being overwhelmed with it all.
Reminder to tackle just a bit each day to avoid being overwhelmed.
Don't put it off
Tackle the easy stuff without thinking so its on auto mode. This thing doesn't work...
Simple but BRILLIANT
I’m going to implement this immediately!! I also plan on having my family listen so they can help me using this method
Morning talk
I learned not to put off those small tasks. Go ahead and do it. It keeps you from getting overwhelmed.
This gives me something to help me get out of my physical clutter maybe it will help with my mental clutter
Start with one minute on tidying after a task is done. Deciding which clutter is difficult because there is clutter everywhere. Maybe if i start with one minute on each thing
Do it know mentality.
Now is the right moment, just do it so you get done with it. Yeah it’s very important indeed. Procrastination is the key to failure.
At first I thought that this didn’t really apply to me. But after listening and thinking I see that there are some areas where this can be useful to me. Making the bed, filing papers, etc
I think, this would be such an easy addition to my daily life, and still I feel a little overwhelmed with changing my routines. There is so much change in my life right now and I’m afraid that one day it is just too much. Even when this is just a tiny addition. I might just will forget about it after a few days.