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No Where To Go, No One To Be

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Oliver James Jenkin
Anxiety Expert & Intuitive Healer
Imagine not having to rush. Imagine not having to pretend. Imagine feeling welcome in each and every moment to take time to see what you might find within yourself. Imagine being kind with what you find in yourself - not judging - but accepting. A new way of being is possible for you, one that rewards us with the treasures of experience that can be found when the pressure inside our minds is turned down - even just a little not.
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7 reflections
I love this track, really helps me disconnect and the time flies by.
No where to go No one to be No expectations or demands I am free to just be in this moment Listening to these words sink into my being as I focus on my breath, I feel myself begin to relax and connect with the stillness within me. This feeling continues to grow stronger leaving me feeling peacefully grounded. Thank you Oliver for creating this excellent session to reconnect with ourselves. It is one of my new favorites. May you find a few moments in your day to just be. Your mind, body, and spirit will thank you for it. Peace and blessings to everyone!
No where to go
I loved the softening in my body, I get to set the pace of the day with soft ‘edges’, thank you!!
No place to go..
I love the reminder that I set the pace with soft edges! Thank you!
No where to go
No one to be. Very difficult concept for me to understand but I’m starting
No where to go, no one to be
Excellent- messages I needed to hear. Thank you. Everyone would do well to slow down & listen to this meditation.
No worries
Nowhere to go. No one to be. Just being in this moment. I always find that so comforting. This was a relaxing, pleasant meditation. I really enjoyed it as I wind down this evening. I'm looking forward to climbing into bed tonight and resting. In my comfy place. With my blankets and favorite pillow. Have a restful night. 😴
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