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Affirmations On Love & Relationships

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
Planting seed to have positive relationships with oneself and others. It starts with our thoughts. As you begin to let go of unhealthy thoughts and adapt to positive thoughts notice how you will also change. Practice these mindful affirmations and practice throughout the day. Much love!
From the community
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words matter
This was a great meditation for the start of the day. Hearing words of positive affirmation really help in changing the mindset for the day.
Love Notes to Yourself
When you love yourself it opens you up to receive more positive relationships in your life. You look at the world in a different light. In this meditation, you practice getting rid of any resistance to negative thoughts replacing them with love and light for yourself. Practicing affirmations on a daily basis within time will change your mindset about how you feel about yourself and others. I think of affirmations to yourself as little love notes.
Walter J
What a great session! Nitima’s voice is perfect for speaking these affirmations. She sets us up by anchoring us in our breathing, relaxing the mind and then slipping a bunch of verbal gems right into our subconscious as seeds. Knowing the power of affirmations on raising our beliefs makes me want to do this daily for 30 days to see what kind of growth I can achieve. Thank you Julie for pointing out & sharing this session with us. And thank you Nitima for creating this wonderful session! Namaste, ❤️🙏🍀
Cyndee 🌊
Peaceful feeling
I feel so peaceful now and I’m looking forward to my day and what ever comes my way 💙
Walter J
Great affirmations! This time I did the 7 min version before bed and it was very relaxing... allowing it to sink in while I sleep. ❤️😴🍀
Mindful affirmation
I felt like that was so peaceful when I listen to this mediation it gives me an clear mind
Seeds of Positivity
Being accepting of ourselves is a hard thing for most of us to do, especially if we have had negative thoughts about ourselves. However, by changing our thoughts from negative to positive, we can begin to grow into the best version of ourselves. In this powerful meditation, Nitima has us settle our thoughts by having us anchor ourselves to our breath. With our mind relaxed, she begins to plant seeds of positive affirmations into our soul with her soothing voice. Hearing and accepting these seeds of positivity into my soul made my heart space full of peaceful light and warmth. By being accepting of myself and giving loving kindness thoughts instead of criticism to myself will allow for my spirit to grow into the best version possible. By Law of Attraction, I will invite deeper and loving relationships with others into my life. This is a wonderful meditation to listen to over and over. After all, in order for our seeds of positivity to grow into beautiful blossoms, we must water them daily. Namaste ☮️❤️🙏🏻😊
Walter J
I did the 7 min version 1st this morning but my alarm went off while I was reflecting and wiped out my notes. 😮 So, I did the 3 min version and it seemed clearer for some reason. As a recovering engineer I tend to want to know “exactly how” things work. So the line “I am trusting the process to work” - seemed to jump out at me this time around. l am repeating affirmations, even when I do not understand them 100 % and trusting them to work their magic. I am buying into the idea that I am reducing my stress & anxiety by re-listening to this wonderful session and I believe it is starting to manifest. Only a couple dozen more times and I will be totally chill!! Thanks again Nitma for this wonderful track. ❤️👍🏼🍀
Walter J
I must have been sooooo... relaxed thru the beginning because of her soothing voice. Luckily, I became aware again in time to hear... I am open to receive love ❤️ I am open to receive love and romance♥️ ...‼️ (I think this is a good sign⁉️) ❤️😊🍀
Walter J
I saw myself weeding out my ‘mind garden’ to make ready for more beneficial affirmations. This time I heard something like: I love and accept myself, just as I am now. And I am open to new & better thoughts! While at first these sound contradictory, I realized they are really complimentary. Part of my “trading up” philosophy. Letting go of a lower nature for a higher one, while at the same time, I am ok with where I currently am. Very cool dichotomy! ❤️😎🍀
Walter J
This morning, day 6 I believe, the phrase at the very end jumped out at me: “I am open to receiving more wisdom and knowledge...” A tree only stops growing when it is time to die. Thus I need to keep growing or else I start to die. Taking in new information allows me to trade up in knowledge and leave old thoughts of lesser importance behind. Just like you cannot climb higher on a ladder unless you let go of the lower rungs, you cannot advance in life until you are ready to let go of lower thoughts and beliefs. Thus: “I am open to receiving more wisdom and knowledge...” In order to grow into my fullest self! Love this session! ❤️🧠🍀
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