Embrace change!
Sometimes change can be scary. Unpredictable. It can cause anxiety. However, it doesn't have to because we are in charge of how we feel about anything. It can be a source of joy! It can seem bad, but somewhere along our path we realize that a change we perhaps didn't even want brings us to a much better place! I know for me I made a huge change months back that I had put off for years. It all began with turning inward and loving myself. I had to close and lock the door forever to a person who never served me. A person I cared about deeply. I don't spend time ruminating over why I waited so long, or ask why certain things happened. It was one of the most difficult things I've done in years. The abundance I now feel in my life is amazing. I took back my power. The power of now. The power to love myself and others. Amen!