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Natural Disaster Needs Loving Kindness

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Dea Rivera
Mindfulness Teacher
If you have been overwhelmed by emotion when hearing about all those suffering from the latest natural disaster, you may benefit from this practice of loving kindness.
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I find it easier to send a hope for health and kindness than a hope for joy and gratitude. With all of the images of natural disasters happening at this time, I feel uncomfortable sending the intention "may you find joy and gratitude" to anyone affected by such devastation...
This was too hard for me
I could not finish. I got overwhelmed with sadness. I know this will not help them, but can help me. I love Loving Kindness practices. But more generalized. Plus, I was in a very sad state of emotion when Aura gave me this meditation. Not sure if that was the right one for me.
Divine Understanding
When feeling overwhelmed and even helpless, I draw from spiritual lessons of humanity through the ages. There is always a testimony of how someone made it through something devastating and offered messages of courage and faith. During moments when I do not fully comprehend what is happening and do not know what to do, I invoke this divine understanding to guide me and take appropriate actions. This sacred support is there for any of us who are willing to ask. And so may it be for you.
I live in Florida...😕
We just faced Hurricane Irma & there is still debris everywhere. My husband works for the government & is a first responder; he had to leave us during the hurricane to help clear blocked roads from GIANT & mature Oak Trees, so emergency vehicles could pass and save lives. So, my husband, who probably without even thinking of it, was saving lives himself. I am proud of him. He now must work 7 days a week and 12 hour days to help finish cleaning up the City. Thank you to everyone who indirectly was thinking of us, Floridians. My goodness though, there have been earthquakes & volcanoes as well...send good healing energy their way. Bless to you all XOXO
My automatic thoughts are to help to those in need, without thinking of my safety and welfare. When I take a moment to check my thinking, not only am I capable of making a better decision for my self. I’m better equipped at offering sound support to those in need of it.
So much identification with suffering, it is a deep spiritual experience to feel such compassion and empathy
You can feel your energy
You can feel your energy being sent to the individual or group you’re sending to. When you feel the goosebumps start know it is being felt by them
Sending comforting vibes 💙
I’m thinking of my Aura friend Kathy right now and hoping she and her husband are somewhere very far away from Hurricane Florence. May you be safe May you be healthy May you find peace of mind 🙏