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Mysteries: Area 51 & Chaco Canyon (ASMR)

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The French Whisperer
Sleep and ASMR Storyteller
In this ASMR/bedtime story, I tell you three different stories: - Area 51: how did this USAF base get its reputation for being at the center of numerous conspiracies, including the dissimulation and reverse-engineering of alien technology? - Chaco Canyon is a large archaeological site in New Mexico, built more than a thousand years ago and over several generations by the Ancestral Puebloans. What is the meaning and the function of these alignments based on astronomical observation, or this enigmatic web of roads that radiate from the canyon? - The Toba Catastrophe Theory is the hypothesis that a supervolcano that erupted around 70,000 years ago in Indonesia would have dramatically affected the course of life on Earth.