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Dea Rivera
Mindfulness Teacher
A tear can hold much meaning when it comes from the ones we love. This story is for those of us struggling to find balance with all we find important in our everyday lives.
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Real life
The real satisfactions and happiness comes from being present in the moment and not staring at your phones. In fact, the art of conversation is dead with the young generation now because there always stuck in there phones so I really feel sorry for when this generation grows up and has children
An odd story
To listen to in Aura on my iPhone! This thing has been my lifeline for a long time...it was my only link to the outside world through my long recovery in the hospital after my massive stroke. I would often call my wife, or have a Facetime chat with her at all hours of the day or night. My youngest daughter would Facetime call or message how much she missed me, and loved me, from her own iPad or iPod...letting me know that I was missed and loved despite my absence. I would often fall asleep holding the phone, then wake up in a panic trying to find it, calling for a nurse to help.me, then finding that it had fallen to the hard tile floor while I slept. I kept in contact with friends, family, and co-workers during my long hospitalization via Facebook on it. I complained enough publicly on Facebook about the horrendous treatment I was subjected to there that reporters and state regulators reached out to me to get my story (I didn't learn about this until well after my eventual release and return home). Now, I keep all of my health-related things in this iPhone, my pill reminder app helps me keep track of what I need to take and when, my app which runs my scale and my blood-pressure monitor live in here too. I track my maintenance walks through an app on here too! All this, plus notes, calendar/schedule, and more? I LOVE IT! I can't hardly wait to be able to upgrade to a bigger, better, newer device!
I am prompted to think about how I use my phone. Whether I am ignoring my child in favor of my phone. I hope I’m not.
My wish
I’m grateful smart phones hadn’t been invented when my girl was growing up! I am quite addicted to my iPhone and never want to leave the house without it. My daughter and granddaughter will make me turn the car around when they’re with me because I fuss so much. Thankfully, my attention isn’t glued to it. It’s just so incredibly convenient to be able to look up an address or find what store has what you’re looking for, or find the answer to any question you or they come up with!
This is a great reminder of the importance of endeavoring to be fully present and engaged with the people in our lives, slowing down to prioritize relationships over distractions/work/entertainment.
This is so sad but I learned that I might be on my phone too much so it was excellent
Short Handed
So I sit here waiting to use the app. A 3 min speech and now a 24hr wait...Imma just go back to my music therapy. I know my solutions, just can't figure out the problems
I felt I noticed I learned
I felt very sad during this because I am on my smartphone a lot and have ignored loved ones who I might not be able to spend as much time with. I noticed how the teachers reflection on how she treats her son, she realizes she has done awful things to him. I learned to not be on my phone as much or I’ll miss out on life.
My Wish
That stories was so SAD! I don't have a phone or a kid yet but if and when I get a phone and have a kid, I will be cautious on how much I play on my phone rather then play with my kid.
Smart Devices?
The importance of being present for, and listening attentively to, those we love has truly become greatly diminished by the incessant use of smartphones in our daily lives. I believe they should come with a cautionary statement: The Smartphone General has issued a warning that overuse of the device can lead not only to physical damage due to radioactivity but also family damage caused by ignorance of the importance of family.
Listened to this story quite some time ago. Still strikes me odd to feature a story about how a smart device like my iPhone can be detrimental to family and relationships. I understand the sentiment, but since my last listen, I've managed to upgrade my personal phone and hand down my old device to one of my kids. All three of whom have iPhones of their own. My teens have enjoyed hand-me-down devices for years, while my eleven-year-old received a third hand-me-down device for this last Christmas. Whenever we were out and about as a group, she would beg to borrow a phone to play games and watch videos, so I capitulated and gave her one of her own (without cell service) and she loves it!
Being Present
My husband and I anytime we go out for a date our phones stay at home. This is our time. I am also this way when getting together with friends. They have my complete attention. It is easy in today’s world to get caught up in the distraction of constantly being on our phone whether it’s texting, emailing, checking social media...etc.
My Wish
This is so important to remember. Be present for those who are physcially in your life. Do not shut them out for your electronic friends.
My wish...
when growing up I played outdoors, made mud pies, picked wild flowers on a stroll down a country dirt road...simple pleasures that my children will never experience in this over digitized age and that makes me so sad....
I have lots of friends who can relate. I can relate.
My Wish
Remember the when people choose to be with you, they deserve your entire attention
Calm and present,
I learned that I had to be present in the company of my family friends and especially my grand children who at these times have enough distractions even without being ignored
I felt even more sadness than before I started to listen...
I may not be the only one like me... filled with sadness. But at least I don’t have to feel guilty about having ignored my children due to a smart phone.
This story feeds into the guilt culture.
We all know phone use isn’t great. We use this app to help us, not to make us feel guilty. More conversations around how to fix the habit, not stories intended to make us feel even worse!
It was very fun for my first time
Ya know I was crying bc I was redacted to my iPad I was on it at night and day. I was in a bad mood all the time it was hart at school for me. My mom tried putting a timer on my iPad but I knew how to turn it off so it was easy then she downloaded this app I think it’s really going to work I just have to say think u to my mom.
I got this story when I clicked on my emotion of feeling sad, after listening to it, I just feel worse, granted it has some great points, but it hasn’t helped my emotions at all....just makes me feel sadder
Smart phones
Although I do agree with this story 100% and I don’t have a problem with my smart phone, my partner does. I felt like the way the this was told it would only make someone feel bad about their phone use. I almost sent it to my partner but I didn’t want to shame her. There might be a way to tell this story.
Smart phone
So many emotions in a few minutes. My daughters father used to ignore everyone for his phone. Now my kid does the same, but I let her so that’s my fault. I’m on my phone right now. It’s ironic. Grateful my mate now hardly ever touches his phone. Life lessons.
My wish
Be aware of what you value and what you ignore. You may be losing what should be the most important thing