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My Day Begins

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Self Love Expert, Mentor, Sound Healer
How do you begin your day? Are you rolling out of bed and facing a day of challenges? Why not use this beautiful uplifting poetic meditation every day, to allow you to start a day with love, gratitude, and peace? Note, that this is an uplifting meditation, if powerful music is not for you, then neither is this offering. Enjoy the journey :)
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8 reflections
This is my day
Just like me. Powerful, beautiful, strong, and loving just like me. Thank you for this amazing meditation 🙏
Migraine headaches
I felt afraid that my eyesight would continue to deteriorate. Need to stay positive to succeed at work and support my family.
I felt empowered
This is a strong message with which to start every day, ideal for motivation.
It was that simple.
In less than a minute of hearing June B’s voice, I knew I was on the right track for returning to meditation at last.
Share my good
Wow! 😲 Joy brings me JOY! I feel strong, inspired, excited, joyous, and energized! This is a powerful session for me. I can feel the happy tears in my eyes. My eyes are wide open. My heart is full of love. I want to make people I interact with feel understood. I want to live this wonderful life of mine every day. Thank you, Joy. That was unbelievable. ♥️
Rising Up
Today is a new day for me to show others that it is possible to become resilient by leading with example. It is possible to rise again from the darkness coming out stronger and shining brighter than before. I have spent the last two years riding the waves of life’s challenges. And, there are times when I have been knocked down. Lost hope. There was still that voice inside me that said… you gotta keep moving forward. You have everything you need within you to keep fighting. I am thankful and grateful for finding my inner strength to keep moving forward with all the supportive people who have helped me along the way. I am stronger. I am resilient. I am glowing. My life is filled with abundance.
I just replayed this and flashed back on my morning 170 plus days ago when I first found Aura. The powerful music made me sit up in bed and Juneb’s voice made me LISTEN! Thanks for the unique supportive role you have come to play in my life.
When you need some inspiration -
This is a true Juneb moment, one that she absolutely lives! Fantastic when you feel yourself dragging or discouraged any time of the day. Let the inspiring music and her encouragement energize and strengthen you! Thanks for being there, Juneb!
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