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Morning Walk

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Dea Rivera
Mindfulness Teacher
Wake up to the moment and connect your senses with this mindful walking practice. It may be just what you need to start your day off with awareness.
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Love walking meditation
I love a walking meditation. It really is different. I did a walking meditation on a treadmill during a cool down that was very different. Since the machine controls the speed I got the chance to really focus how I step, the grip on the handles, how I was breathing, etc.
Morning Walk
It seems to me this principle can be applied to any repetitive motion or activity to gain a heightened sense of awareness. Very easy and useful for a mind cleansing.
Another Day 10-18-17
I stayed in a hotel last night and just took a walk with my service dog before listening to this meditation. There is a lot of action outside, so preparing for other people’s actions as well as your own is important. My service dog was on alert too. I did notice too I was off balance and that can happen time to time.
When I slow down and bring awareness to each step my body naturally wants to speed up. This actually helps me feel more sensation and notice my balance and tune in to what I need.
🌼Aura 🌺Family🌼
🌺Good Morning🌼 hope everyone it's a good day. Remember think positive relax breathe take things one step at a time. I just want to say thank you All for your support. Just know that we all are special each and everyone of us. Keep up the Beautiful things that you're doing take care of yourself and know that you are loved. 🌺Good Morning🌼
Morning walk
First of all I need to learn how to be a morning person lol I can imagine walking in a park in the morning and I can already tell that It will be a good place for meditation.
Morning walk
When you’re walking, you’re alert and aware of what you’re noticing
I read into everything you say, I listen for your silence and smile when you recognize me
Everywhere, always
Mindfulness can and should be implemented anywhere and everywhere at all times. Life should be made of mindfulness, not just mindful moments.
Mindful Walking
I like this- 2 or 3 for 1- mindfulness, exercise, and, when I’m walking with a destination, I get somewhere I need to go. I like the intention of practicing this for short walks during the day, as well as when I actually ‘go for a walk’ Namaste
I learned that Taking a walk even down a hall way can heal some of my stress.
Thoughtful morning walk
I’m feeling very tired this morning but, I thought I would listen to this morning walk session because, I wanted it to motivate me. I didn’t sleep very well last night so I just listened and I still enjoyed it. I’m still going to take that walk and I’m going to think about every step, how it feels and I won’t let any unnecessary thoughts invade my mind or spoil my experience. I will just take in everything good about this neighborhood I live in. So many flowers growing in peoples yards and beautiful Victorian houses and cute little houses and some run down houses that I like to imagine how I would fix them up. It’s been raining but there is a break and I think I will take advantage of that and feel the clean crisp air and feel very alive and very happy and very content. Thanks Dea💐🏡🏘🏚🙏
Morning walk
Morning walk its a good way to start the day The sun rise the perfect view of a new starting made me feel to much good I think i must done this everyday
Day 25
I visualized myself walking with my dog at a couple of our favorite parks and greenways. I’ll try to be more present during our daily walks.
Morning Walk
I found my mind wandering and bringing clarity with this meditation. I live in the country. When weather permits I love my morning walks along the dirt road, soaking in nature. For the past several months I have been planning on moving into town to be closer to my son and his family. But when I started thinking about walks in the city on sidewalks surrounded by the sounds of traffic, I began realizing that isn’t what I want. This meditation made it clear that I will have to be intentional about where I move, so that I am able to continue to enjoy the peace of nature during my walks.
Morning walk
Paying attention to my body as it moves, concentrating on picking up one foot , placing it down, and picking up the other one is a new concept to notice and reflect on. It makes the motions of walking very purposeful.
Nothing should just be left to coincide or chance...every tiny step is also a decision. It is not the purpose of the steps though or where you are going that is important but that very little step at this very moment which is all we have.
Morning walk
Sometimes it’s important to remember to connect with yourself versus just moving in the auto pilot that life puts you in. It’s good to take some time each day to reflect, reminisce and think happy thoughts.
I was tired and a bit distracted by the kids. We are at Mi and Pa’s for the long weekend
I feel good about myself when I take time to do mindfulness
Did it sitting down
But still appreciate the art of having awareness of my body as I move it through space.
I used my imagination to walk.
That was revealing in it ‘s self. I just thought of me walking and it was a “simple” task I took for granted. There are so many that would love to just walk. Lift your leg up and move it through space and then put it down again. Move it through space.... what a beautiful sentence.
Wake Up Walk
Since I couldn’t walk my dogs this morning, I decided to give this mindful walking meditation a try from Dea. I walked into the backyard and felt the sensations of my feet touching the Earth with each step. I began aware of my surroundings, hearing the birds chirping and feeling the damp air on my skin. When thoughts begin to take over my mind, I am reminded of a quote that I heard recently. It says, “Walk as if your feet are kissing the Earth!” The thoughts are silenced and I am back into the present moment. I am grounded and full of gratitude for the ability to walk. This is a wonderful meditation to remind you to be mindful of the present moment, even while doing such a task as simply walking. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻
Thank you Walk
All I need is a little motivation thanks to walking to carry through my day!
The Importance of taking A Walk
Whenever I feel stressed, sad, or I just have way too many thoughts floating around my head and I can’t deal with all of them I simply go outside, take a walk and get fresh air. There is something about the fresh air that makes me feel hundred times better. Walking is a good meditation exercise if you want feel better or relaxed it helps