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Morning Practice - Wake Up Feeling Refreshed

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
Let’s get grounded with morning meditation as you wake up. This meditation will allow you to come out of autopilot mode to awareness mode. Feeling warm, bringing your brain to be alive and energized to start your day feeling refreshed.
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Wake up checklist
1. Be aware I’m awake 2. Be aware I still have breath 3. Check in the the body 4. Check in the this little light of mine, and let it shine, from my heart center, on down and out through all my extremities, ready to join the new day Great practice. Namaste
Body glowing
Bringing that morning gentle glow from the heart and let is spread through my body. Start the day with this positive energy in your whole body and let it shine
Good Morning
What a beautiful way to begin the day! Thank you for such a positive meditation.🙏
i noticed that my breathing is small so deep breaths help.
i learned that these small meditation moments help me to be more positive.
I feel like just taking the time to relax every morning and definitely every night before I go to bed really help with my anxiety or stress. It really helps if your going through things in your life and you don't necessarily want to talk about it, just meditate about it.
I imagined drawing in the light and wrapping myself in it and glowing. To have a good day, upon waking simply decide that the day will be so. Build the momentum of appreciation. I’m in my vortex of love, light and magic!
A little more...
I didn't realize how much tension I had in my back until I listened to this meditation. I feel a little more relaxed after envisioning a warm light spreading throughout my body. But my back is still tight, might need a massage. However, I do feel a little more calm and energized. Thanks Jiva 🙏
Warm light image is effective 🌞
Great way to start the day, I feel recharged. I woke up feeling kind of sluggish bc I had a long day yesterday and then feel asleep last night around 1pm. Again, I woke up with all this tension in my neck and upper back so any meditation that offers at least a little relief is helpful. The warm light effect helped up my energy level a little. Thanks Nitima 🙏
Calm. Peace.
It was a great meditation for me, because I have to study all morning and then I am going out in the afternoon and it was amazing to clean all the anxiety. Now I'll be able to concentrare on whatever peacefully and calmly.
Good morning, every morning
What a delightful way to start a day ..., Fresh with a completely positive outlook!
Time of Day
I am grateful for this morning meditation today as that is what I wanted. I would love it if they labeled time of day for the meditation’s that are specific to time of day as I often like a good bedtime meditation as well but you don’t always know from the title.
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