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Morning Pages for Release

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
A lot of us carry stress, tension, judgement so use this to dump things that's taking space in your mind. You will find helpful guidance on doing morning pages. It's not journal writing. Wishing you the very best with the practice. Namaste.
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Morning Pages
Filled with an abundance of stressful and/or anxious thoughts immediately upon waking, we can feel like we’re already defeated quite early in our day. But, what if we were to give these thoughts a home? We would soon find ourselves not feeling bogged down any longer. Releasing these thoughts, we would essentially be giving our mind the space that it needs for beneficial and creative thoughts to arise. In this life coaching session, Nitima teaches us how we can do just that by introducing us to a clever idea called morning pages. Unlike writing in a journal where we are formulating our thoughts, morning pages is a stream of our consciousness. Meeting ourselves where we are in this moment, we jot down our thoughts while not caring about spelling or grammatical errors. Thus, we are free from any judgments we can so easily place on ourselves. Giving our mind a sort of brain dump, we do not entertain any one thought. Rather, we give them a home by releasing them onto paper. Jotting down our thoughts onto morning pages have several benefits for our body and mind. These include centering ourself, bringing clarity to our mind, discovering our creativity, silencing our inner critic as well as lessening any anxiety we may be experiencing. To feel these benefits on our body and mind, Nitima suggests we write 3 pages every morning upon waking for 20-30 minutes for a duration of 30 days. After learning about how beneficial morning pages has on our body and mind, I got to thinking about how a lot of us have issues with falling asleep and/or staying asleep. In fact, 30% of people receive 7 hours or less of sleep a night. This lack of sleep causes its own detriment on our body and mind. Therefore, I could see where jotting down our thoughts from any stressful or anxious thoughts prior to bed would be extremely beneficial as well. Perhaps we could call it, bedtime stories?! Thoughts? Thank you, Nitima! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Morning Pages
The process of streaming whatever thoughts come to mind, minus the perfect journaling (ie. sentence structure, grammar, spelling), doesn’t sound like an AM chore but a way to just be in that moment.
Walter J
Thank you for this wonderful idea Nitima! I just learned a similar idea of streaming consciousness writing yesterday from a professional improv speaker in NSA. He described our mind as a pond. When we are mindful and can calm our thoughts it is smooth & peaceful. Toss in one pebble (a thought) and we can see the many ripples it creates and can follow them fairly easily. (Good time to write) But toss in several pebbles and it becomes difficult to follow each ripple as they collide with each other - some reinforcing & some cancelling other ripples. (This is me in morning before work - thoughts of home & family) Now imagine there is a breeze over the pond and there are already some small waves & it is becoming more difficult to see the ripples created by our thought pebble. (This is leaving the house to engage the world and traveling to work) Now imagine a strong wind over the pond... white cap waves crashing all around... makes it impossible to follow a single thought. (this is me at work w/ various phone calls, e-mails, customers, vendors, coworkers, boss, etc.) Thus doing this continuous writing 1st thing in the Morning when our pond is calm makes a lot of sense. Some great ideas should come up from our well rested subconscious! Imports to Write fast (forget spelling & sentence structure - maybe even do a mindmap instead) this helps us get past our limiting conscious mind filters & taps us into our powerful, wise, unlimited subconscious mind (that connects us to Infinite Intelligence) so expect some incredible information to be Downloaded thru us!! Possibly doing at night may also work well as a “brain dump” so our conciseness feels safe we are not going to miss any thoughts and will allow us to go to sleep easier. I would think it may be more structured by default and not as creative as a morning session but I think both have their value. I would love to develop the discipline to do one or both. I typically get into an Aura session or a You Bible session 1st thing (like before getting out of bed) maybe I can do a voice recording w/ transcribing for 3 pages before doing them?!? I really need to retire so I have more time to do all three and a much calmer pond!! ❤️✍🏼🍀
I feel good ..I feel happy early in the morning listening to this channel
I learned that if I write what I’m feeling and thinking in the mor when I wake up will help me feel as if I had a bigger purpose
Morning Pages
I felt a sense of weight being lifted, as I am someone who prefers sentences, ideas, etc. to be perfect and Morning Pages is allowing me to write freely and have things flow organically. :)
“Intention without action is delusion”
That one hit home- I’m a dreamer, and have trouble with doing. Perhaps thinking about it in that framework will help me do a bit more. 🌙
Morning pages
I feel this could be a good exercise to help release stress and tension by unloading thoughts onto paper.