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Morning Meditation For Weight Loss

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Karen Vos
International Meditation Coach / Writer
Good morning. Welcome to your guided morning weight loss meditation. This is a wonderful way to change your subconscious pathways for good health and well-being, including weight loss. I encourage you to do this every morning until you feel that inner shift throughout the day in the choices and feelings you have and make. Come back to this morning meditation often, to rewire the subconscious pathways not serving your highest good and to move into a life where weight loss occurs with ease and happiness fills your space.
From the community
4 reflections
Walter J
What a wonderful morning session!! Slowly waking up & stretching & wriggling my body awake. Feeling it fill up on golden light energy… which turns into Love Energy for my body, just the way it is. Love her line… “there is no Judgement in light!” Love is Love & I am full of it. Ready to face the day and Love my way thru it!! Nameste 🙏🏼🌝🍀
Connecting with myself
It feels good to value my body as it is. I’ve been gifted with the most complex machine and I must take care of it and thank it for the hard work it does every day to keep me alive. Thank Jehovah for blessing me with all the little parts that fuel me
Love Myself
This weight loss meditation helped me to see that I need to love myself.
Gentle & Relaxing
I just enjoyed this morning weight loss mediation! The presenter has a very soothing voice!
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