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Morning Mastery Affirmations

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Jamen Moss: Life Illumined
Sound Healer, Teacher & Guide
Welcome to this Life Illumined morning meditation. The purpose of this meditation is to prime the mind with powerful divine affirmations so you may connect with your highest potential; every day. This meditation and music is created by myself, Jamen Moss, with love. THANK YOU for showing up for yourself and going ALL IN. There is only one choice and that is to live as the pure magic that you truly are. As always, may you live life illumined!
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Today, I accept my reality. I let go of anything that is no longer serving me. I show up for myself and others because it just feels right. I love and forgive myself. I tune into my higher consciousness to continue to awaken from within. Everyday, I am getting better, stronger, and more resilient. Listening to these empowering words wash over my being while focusing on my breath along with the peaceful background music, I am ready to begin my day feeling grounded with a positive mindset. I am ready to be of service to others. May my inner light reach all of those who need it today.
Too rushed
How can we meditate on the affirmations when they're coming at us so quickly ? This meditation is too rushed for me.