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Morning Energy Infusuion

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Stephanie K
Holistic Therapist & Meditation Coach
Sometimes we can wake up still feeling groggy, tired, and heavy, even after a decent night's sleep. It can put a slow start to the day. This quick energizing meditation will leave you feeling light and clear and ready to take on anything in the day ahead. Designed to help you to clear those heavy energies from your mind and body, infuse your cells with high vibing positive energy plus a bonus protection tip for the day to help you keep your energy clear and high and not allow you to absorb any harsh energies throughout the day. An amazing way to kick start and manifest an amazing day!
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13 reflections
Sitting in an upright position, I connected with the amazing life force energy flowing in and flowing out of my body. Present in the now, I visualized a white light beaming down from the heavens. Entering my body through the the crown of my head, I could feel this white light clearing away anything that no longer serves me. At the same time, I could feel my body becoming infused with energy. Lighter, I am ready for this epic day to begin! Thank you! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Day 1
I felt groggy and negative. I didn’t realize the negative energy until this 3 minute mediation helped me focus on replacing it with positive energy throughout my body. Refreshing and positive
I felt all the bad in my life pummel against my sheild, but i was never touched. Excitment to follow my dreams sparked and i smiled~ im ready😊
I felt nervous and a bit questioning, the soft music and her voice pulled me along. As we went i felt myself flush free- i felt all the bad in my life pummel against my sheild, but i was never touched. Excitment to follow my dreams sparked and i smiled~ im ready😊
It was okay
I felt like I wanted more time to ground and center before surrounding myself in white light
Morning light
I woke up this morning with some anxiety or nervous energy. I really am trying to not take my medication unless I really really need it. This meditation helped me to see that there is this beautiful light already within me and I can access this light as a way of protecting my energy throughout the day. Not allowing judgment, self criticism or anxious energy to take me away from my true goodness. Thank you 🙏🏼
Morning energy boost
I would love more of these sessions as it helps set your energy for the day and intention.
I learned that this is a great way to set my intentions for the day, create a safe feelings and security for myself, as well as my protective bubble!
Davida Chamberlin-Elliott
Starting my day on my terms
I can look to my upcoming day and know that i am able to maintain a positive attitude and understanding of what may come up
Odelia Joy
I am present in my body, inside my own bubble letting no negative in!
Great Morning Visualization
A wonderful jump start to being positive throughout the day. Block negativity every day when you wake up.
Morning White Light
Interrupted by my dog barking at neighbors but white light was wonderful swirling inside me.
Thank you!
I have a difficult meeting to complete today and this meditation helped tremendously. I now know that I must be completely honest and deliver the message with respect and compassion. This will be a daily meditation going forward ☺️ Namaste 🙏