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Morning Energy: Embrace The Radiance

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Karen Vos
International Meditation Coach / Writer
Morning Radiance: Embracing the Invigorating Energy of the Day" is a guided meditation designed to help you start your mornings with a renewed sense of vitality and purpose. Through visualization and deep breathing, this meditation invites you to connect with the invigorating energy of the morning, allowing it to awaken your senses and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. By cultivating a sense of presence and setting positive intentions, you'll be empowered to embrace the limitless potential of the day ahead. Step into the world with renewed enthusiasm and joy as you carry the invigorating energy of the morning within you.
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9 reflections
good morning
Thank you for this, and good morning, when I woke up I already had the feeling that I would be fine and feeling good. very nice day to you
I feel calmer and ready for the day.
This meditation prompted me to sit in the window, in the sun. It’s chilly here but it was still somehow warming. Lovely’
Perfect for boosting energy
It’s great to boost energy and be injected with lots of positive insights and cultivate positive mindset
Allow the sun to help you.
Often I don't think light feels good in the morning and it shocks me. Feeling the heat of the sunlight warming me makes the light helpful.
Morning energy
I usually don’t wake up energized, this meditation seemed to help. The visualization was effective
I am strong. I am resilient. Today, is a day filled with infinite possibilities. I will be able to overcome any challenges that come my way. Visualizing standing at a lake feeling the warm rays of the sun, filling up my body with new revitalizing energy, I feel any lingering weariness upon waking fade away. I am energized and excited for the day ahead. It is going to be a great day!
Morning Energy
I am ready for this beautiful day. I am ready to embrace anything that comes my way with a kind heart. I am excited about this moment.
Excitement and wonder
I love the feeling of anticipation excitement and wonder. I have this to look forward to today. Mike is taking me in a surprise three day getaway. This meditation helped me get back to this Feeling instead of worrying about what I need to pack. Someone special is doing something special for me/us. I am going to capture and embrace this day
Radiant Energy
I am resilient. I am capable of handling anything that comes my way today. I am open to the limitless possibilities of the day. Breathing in new radiant energy while repeating these affirmations, I am ready to take on another day feeling revitalized, confident, and grounded. I will be able to accomplish what I need to today as well as find time to do something I enjoy to keep my inner light shining bright. It is going to be a great day!
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