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Morning: Embrace The Beauty Of A New Day

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Lisa Whatley
Meditation Guide, Healer, Storyteller
Step into a world of tranquility and embrace the beauty of a fresh start with this captivating Morning Meditation. Cultivate a positive mindset, radiate love, and compassion, and set your intentions for a day filled with joy as Lisa Whatley guides you through an immersive visualization that will awaken your senses and fill your heart with gratitude. Allow this transformative meditation to elevate your spirit, infuse your day with positivity and set the stage for a truly remarkable journey ahead. Lisa is honored to share her work with you here on Aura and, enjoy your journey!
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4 reflections
The Power of Nature
I was reminded of the power and miracle of nature. Seeing the miracle of nature as a reflection of one’s own inner light is a new way for me to think about nature.
A light lifting my soul
A heavy night’s sleep had me groggy and weighed down with negativity. This meditation lifted my spirit and lightened my heart and mind.
Beauty of a new day
A gentle reminder that every nre day or even every moment, is a chance to start anew
Morning Embrace
I'm tapping into the love and light within me, and feeling gratitude for it all. Visualizing nature's beauty. Each wildflower is a blessing. Dipping my toes in the warm water, it feels lovely. This morning has surrounded me with a gentle embrace. It's warm and all around me. It's comforting, and reassures me that the happiness I feel is always inside me.
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