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Monsoon at the Monastery

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Pasha Lyndi
Movement, Meditation, Nature, Sleep
Drift off to sleep as you imagine taking a walk around the lush gardens of a forest monastery in Myanmar (Burma), during the rainy season.
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Monsoon at the monastery
I learned that you can fall asleep fast and her voice isn’t so deep.
Something different
I decided to try a sleep story as a change from a meditation. The descriptions were lovely, but it seemed to move onto the next thing quite quickly as I tried to imagine things clearly in my mind. But perhaps that isn’t the point when listening. At times I did find my mind drifting off on tangents, but that happens regardless as I attempt to go to sleep. A pleasant experience of the journey taken on this “story” but I cannot say that it made me any more relaxed or go to sleep any quicker.
The birds singing actually made me feel like it was morning; didn’t fall asleep.