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Monkey Mind - Short Story

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
We always find excuse to do something before we can meditate. This short funny story demonstrates just how are minds are constantly trying to get distracted every time we sit to meditate. Enjoy!
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10 reflections
Monkey minds
Nitima has a great voice for this story! At about the third interruption, I thought, Goodness sakes, Monkeys, be still for a few minutes! Then, I laughed because I thought of my own little monkey mind—it does the same thing, only quieter, when I’m not careful. Later in the narration, I thought of how often we run around doing things and telling ourselves, I’ll be happy as soon as . . . And once we get that thing, like the monkeys, we race to get the next thing, assuring ourselves we’ll be happy when . . .
Yep 🐒🍌 🐵 🥭 🐒
Nitima’s story is a perfect description of my mind this morning. 😳 After an hour of meditation, jumping from one thought to another, just like the monkeys in this story, I finally listened to this story. Although the busyness of chasing thoughts this morning didn’t lend itself to one of my more relaxing, inspirational mornings, I am grateful to end my meditation session with Nitima’s artful gift of storytelling.
Walter J
Great, funny story about all the monkeying around our brain does! So true sometimes. But like any habit, it gets easier to find time to meditate the more you do it. Thanks Nitima for sharing that story with us! ❤️🐒🍀
Me too!🤣
In fact? I listened to this story as part of my usual morning routine but at the medical imaging practice waiting to have an MRI! I PLANNED this! Brought my earbuds and everything! That's me! ALWAYS monkeying around!🤣
Jumping thoughts and my practice
It’s a great story to remind us that we should practice meditation in our dayly basis activities, specially when our mind is jumping from a thought to another! 😀
Monkey Mind
I often have monkey mind. I go from one thing to the next, typically before finishing the previous task. I giggled through this whole story, thinking how like that I am. I often don’t remember my meditation until after midnight, thereby missing a day. Now, all I have to do is think of it earlier and stop then and there to do it! I should probably donut first thing I. The morning instead.
Simplicity of meditation
I love the final thought about meditating right then and there, the moment you think of meditating.
Very cute story. I don't like when my mind is in that state. But who does? Most of the time I can calm down. Sometimes I'm completely stuck. When you stated that you can meditate anytime, anywhere; that was a source of motivation and hope for me. You gave a few examples. I need to practice that more often.
I too have a monkey mind
Today I realize that although I'm meditating sometimes my mind is thinking of what I need to get done. Focusing on the feelings in that very moment helps ground me
I noticed that I tend to get stuck in a loop
I learned that I tend to take on too much at a time. Physically wearing myself out seems to calm my monkey mind. I also tend to get stuck in a loop of fueling negative thoughts with more thoughts, and when I finally notice it, it’s too late. More meditation, more exercise, more conscious thinking. Slowing down.