The Gift of Breath
The practice of mindfulness is being aware of the only place where life exists; the present moment. While there are various anchors to bind us to this moment in time, there is only one that is easy to accept without judgement and filled with compassion. Thus, it is the embodiment of mindfulness. Keeping us alive, this anchor is the gift of breath. With my mind curiously aware of my breath, I found myself in the Now. Having moments of no thoughts of yesterday or tomorrow, my mind was calm. Sensing my mind calm, my body followed into a state of relaxation. Just being with this beautiful gift without the need to control it, I began feeling my breath just the way it was. Sensing the freedom that comes from not trying to control, I was able to get curious and be reminded of a few life lessons. Sensing the slight change in air temperature as I breathed in and out through my nose reminded me that the only constant in life is change. Sensing the slight pause at the transitions of my breath, I am reminded that peace resides within me. Thank you, Nitima! I love going back to basics and being reminded of the importance of connecting to a gift that we can easily take for granted! The gift of breath! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️