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Mindfulness of Body Intro: Sensations

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Deanna Burkett, MA, MS
MBSR Teacher & Kripalu Yoga Teacher
Mindfulness of Body is often taught in terms of "sensation." This Intro to Sensation is a brief Body Scan which describes ways of noticing sensation (ex: contact. temperature, moisture, and others) and offers general guidelines for this type of observation. General guidelines include: 1) not moving the body if possible 2) not trying to create sensation or make something happen in the body 3) the possibility of noticing sensation in "parts" of the body and in the "body as a whole."
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2 reflections
Creating Sensations
I learned that I can’t create a sensation. If I can’t feel it, I shouldn’t force it.
Remind Myself to Calm Down
I learned that by taking a step back I can calm myself down. I can take myself out of the stressful moment both mentally and physically. This meditation really helped me to calm myself down. And mentally step out of the stressful situation. My mind is fresh, like a breath mint.