Lessons learned from situations in life . Not all are bad things though at times they feel all consuming but as you start to progress through the journey it makes you really think about your life and
Is my life how i truly want it to be . Am I present. Do I take time to be kind to others, to listen , to hear the birds, to see nature ??? No because I am always too busy . For me and my own mindfulness, for my children, for my friends , for my elderly parents? Time passes so quickly but I can no slow it down to a more manageable pace. I can say NO. I don’t have to please everyone and not myself. I can slow it down by choosing what I want to do and when instead of being dictated too and forced into situations. I am enough! Fitness has helped , gardening has helped, reading and educating me, listening to music, spending time with people I love. Walking with my dogs .