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Mindful Eating Experience To Be Present

13 Min
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Idit Nissenbaum
Healing & Sacred Rituals Facilitator
When was the last time (if ever before) you ate mindfully? Join me for a journey of sensations, to reconnect the body and nourish it with attention and intention. This is a beautiful way to explore your body with the energy you put into your food. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT Give and feed yourself with love and gratitude. You, all of us, deserve the most high-quality nourishment. Allow yourself to be fed by the best natural gifts of mother nature. Mindful eating is an amazing healing tool and practice for reconnecting the body. If you are dealing with any kind of eating disorder (bulimia, anorexia...) or emotional eating - I invite you to try this, and hopefully, you will experience a new way that will allow you a better and easier recovery.