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Migraine & Headache Relief

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Michelle's Sanctuary
Sleep Consultant & Storyteller
Soothe the pain of headaches and migraines with this guided sleep meditation set in a healing seaside villa. Release pain with self-hypnosis, as you journey to a safe, beautiful setting with a healing pool beneath a starry sky. Let your nerve cells know they may stand down, as you dial down the pain and luxuriate in a serene setting for deep healing.
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2 reflections
Nice meditation. Relaxing and calm. Great meditation anytime. Not just for migraines.
This was entirely...
A new way to examine the pain I’m in and to form a function I could use to ease out of focusing solely on it, as well as when a distraction is failing or slow to take root. I really feel better than I did and doing the dishes at the same time feels even better!
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