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Merchant & the Parrot

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Dea Rivera
Mindfulness Teacher
A tale inspired by the 13th century Persian poet and philosopher, Rumi. This wise and worldly story may invoke modern day philosophical questions about love, possession & freedom.
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Only one thing sprang to mind for me!
This song from my all-time favorite artist!
I’m going to have to let this one marinade for a bit. So many take aways. Wonderful imagery.
Merchant and the parrot
There are so many important lessons from this story. The biggest take away for me was we have to listen to those around us, and understand that our needs/wants don’t always benefit others, by being selfish we are possibly hurting those closest to our hearts.
Sometimes we think we know what is best for those around us. But, if we truly listen to those around us, it may not be the best for them. We have to have compassion for others and look at the situation through their eyes to truly understand.
Colbie grace
It’s good nd I love it so much
You should always listen to these parrot and she heard that a parrot fell to the ground and that is sad
Tales of a Merchant
What an excellent story for me and my little guy this morning. My little guy doesn’t know what a parrot 🦜 is but I most definitely do!
Listen to those around you.
Giving physical things and riches don’t necessarily bring happiness. Truly listening with and open, unselfish heart will reward those around you.
True friendship
The primary Takeaway I had from the story is the friendship is not one-sided. It is unreasonable to expect I have everything in our lives to entertain and respect us, if we do not encourage and respect their autonomy and their feelings. The merchant did not respect the parents desire to be free,Preferring to keep the parrot for her own entertainment. She also used as a parent as a symbol of her own status. It is important to remember that other beings on this earth, Friends, family, neighbors, those will pass on the street, and even pets, we’re not put on this earth for our social advancement or happiness. True friendship is considering the needs of others and not merely our own needs which others can Phil. We must respect people enough to listen to what they actually want rather than assuming we know what is best for them. The merchant made this mistake. She assumed her parent was happy , Because she took care of all of its material needs. At the same time however, she disregarded it’s desire for freedom in favor of her need for entertainment. This story kind of remind me not to  assume I know what makes others around me happy. Some thing I have a bad habit of doing. I often project what would make me happy I wanted those around me, without even thinking about what they feel they would need or want. This story helps me remember that people are not just a means to an end. They are not just symbols around status to be used for entertainment. We can’t impose our will upon others. Rother if we truly love people we should respect her wishes and emotional needs. If we use Serv Friends for around happiness, we will lose our friends. Then, just like the Merchant we will realize that the people who support us cannot be replaced for all the studs in the world. Respecting autonomy in the present it’s important. Friends account to be used they are to be respected as equals this is the mark True friendship. I am grateful to those who work with this app for teaching me this lesson, and putting this track together. Thank you so much for the community on this app for taking the time to read this post. I hope you are all OK, happy, and well.