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Mental Health in the NBA

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Michael Beasley
NBA Player
Step onto the court of mental well-being with Michael as he dribbles through the challenges of life, offering a unique perspective shaped by his own challenges and triumphs. He invites you to be vulnerable, prioritize your well-being, and embrace your true self. From mindfulness meditations to performance content and more, this track is designed to guide you towards inner peace and authenticity.
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July 3rd
I felt a little calmer after listening to a meditation track this morning. I had a nice time down at pigeon lake yesterday with friends and family.
Do not associate with sports My life is mostly motorsports
Thanks for sharing
Michael, Thank you for sharing your struggles and your openness about mental health. I can certainly relate. Sometimes to be strong you must acknowledge and show your weakness. I have followed your success in college and pro career. Great work on and off the court! Namaste, Michael
Basketball is life. I wish Michael great continued success in his life after pro ball. And thanks for being honest and vulnerable.
I look up to a lot of pro athletes as role models. Would like to hear more, Michael Beasley.
Reflection on m Beasley story
I learned that he did have a conflict. Something I feel as well. When you perform well, I’m my case teach well, but the result is still poor. Kids don’t try, they fail, makes me look bad. Like I only care about how good I look delivering. But that’s not true. I’m deeply conflicted all of the time. Maybe the career is terrible for our mental health. Maybe a career is broken if individual strong performance doesn’t produce results. When I work on a project, I make progress until it’s done. I think I need to be in a project oriented industry. Or, find a project oriented position in education.
Honest and kind
I’m not a sports person. But I thought I’d give Beasley a listen, and I’m glad I did. Here’s an outwardly tough guy admitting he needed help. I really appreciate his honesty.
I feel that listening to another athlete is helpful because as performer the stress is there to produce. However it's self inflicted because we have our own expectations of our work.
I enjoy hearing professionals talk about their struggles. Because we see perfection on the outside. People see me as perfection on the outside, but don't know the pressure I'm under, and athletes and dancers have that in common.
Reflections on Michael Beasley
I love that he said ‘in order to be strong you have to show your weaknesses’. What a powerful and freeing statement. Thank you, Michael, for being so open.