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Meet Your Spirit Animal Hypnosis

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Nicky Sutton
Meditation Guide & Past Life Therapist
Meet Your spirit animal guided meditation hypnosis. Meet and communicate with your spirit animal, your animal guide. Discover what animal your spirit animal is and ask them questions. Experience a divine connection with your spirit animal. Lots of love!
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Spirit animal
I could see colors and shapes but could not identify what my spirit animal was
Pogger Girl
I am so excited that I finely found a meditation that allows me to truly see and identify my spirit animal! Not only that it is my favorite animal,I love foxes regality and they are supposed to symbolize knowing. I now know that I am Pan thanks to this,I have been questioning my sexuality recently and thanks to this I now know. I would definitely recommend this medication/hypnosis to anyone who is unsure of something in there life (Or just wants to see what there spiritual animal looks like ) Thank you for the opportunity to discover myself in this medication/hypnosis. 100%