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Meditation on Space

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WITHIN Meditation
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(Guided by WITHIN teacher Devon Pipars) As soon as you close your eyes, you've arrived. Use this practice to discover how the space of stillness and peace is always present.
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Can’t Think It
“Let yourself be absorbed into that space.” I kept trying to understand it; define it. No. I had to simply be there. “Let yourself be absorbed into that space.”
Billy bob joe
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Within meditation
A fully relaxing mind clearing spiritual Sweet session !! I will listen again and again !!
As soon as I closed my eyes, I had arrived. I began focusing on the space in front of my closed eyes. As I focused on this space, I simply allowed myself to ‘just be’ with this space. I allowed myself to be absorbed by this space. I became one with this space. By doing so, I found an overwhelming sense of stillness and peace within me. I learned that if I begin to experience unpleasant thoughts or feelings, I can return to this space anytime to remind myself of the present moment. It is in the present moment where I can find these wonderful feelings of stillness and peace. After this relaxing meditation, my mind is clear and my body feels calm and refreshed! Namaste! 🙏🏻❤️😊
I love/hate the way my mind works! I tried to do this session as directed. Concentrating on the “nothingness” of the space inside my eyelids...but instead? All I could think of was the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland! Ladies and gentleman! The ninth wonder of the world! The back side of my eyelids! (Anyone who’s ever been will understand!) 🤪
This is a fairly difficult, advanced meditation. Trying to imagine and accept a formless space is almost impossible for the brain, as brains evolved to label and designate everything we come across. It’s a great exercise to try to expand consciousness, but hard to do.
A New Perspective
As an Astronomer, I have a unique perspective on this meditation. Each night, as I gaze into the heavens, The darkness and the empty void of space reveals to me that she is, in fact, not empty. The Universe shares her secrets and I am in awe. I am One with the Universe and her God. It is than that I discover my tiny, yet significant place amongst the stars. I AM HOME
This meditation brought me to zero point, a space though with no name, no shape, is not nothingness but eternity and infinite possibilities.
Meditation on Space
Being present is THE hardest thing for me to do. My mind is always darting off to plans or worries. But I kept coming back and that is okay! Meditation is a practice!
Walter J
Revealing ...
What an interesting session! As I was listening and just trying to ‘Be’ one with my/the space, I kept getting great visuals & ideas for the rebuilding of my garage. These have been the missing details of how it can all come together. Apparently they were just waiting for me in space. Waiting for me to let go & stop trying to force things and just become more aware & allow things to happenstance their own pace.&
Cyndee 🌊
So chill👌
I sometimes get so relaxed that I’m not even hearing the instructor. This was one of those sessions. I sat comfortably on my bed with my eyes closed and a warm cup of green tea 🍵 in my hands. What a wonderful way to start my day.
Must do this more. We come from nothing (no thing), find we are everything, than return to no-thing. We are no one, become someone, and than become everyone. Interesting. ❤️🙏☮️😇
Let It Go!! Pick Up Nothing! That space in front of your closed eyes! Formless, yet with form... Vaporous, cloud-like, smokey, light, ethereal, wispy...
Meditation on Space
I had a discussion on Space last night with my yoga teacher and this Meditation popped up for me today! During this stressful time I really need this
Within meditation
Clearing my head for that space was going through layers of awareness. At first I imagine whirling, but then I was guided to see and feel nothing, I was able to let go of that whirling and be in a bright empty space. It didn’t happen until nearly the end of the meditation and I want to work on getting there faster.
Space : The final frontier
and right before our eyes. ‘Not something, but not nothing’ to be experienced. Namaste
Space Around Me
Today I focused on how reliable the space around me is. Even though it isn’t a touchable object, space is always around us no matter the circumstances. It helped me feel a sense of comfort. Not everything in life is permanent, but space is always there.
Behind my
I learned but while focusing on the baseball and my eyes can take one of the fruit and can be difficult to do it is extremely common. I found that the quality most prevalent in the state to be consistency. It is often challenging for me personally to relax and think nothing. Focusing on this paper in my eyes booth booth poof poof poof poof this baseball in my eyes this baseball in my eyes it’s a good place to learn how to do so the in my eyes if it’s nice to think but no matter how fluent life gets but blackness behind my life will always be there no big big bang no with me and always be a good fita A consistent thing do you help me focus and relax intraneural I find focusing on my breathing to be easier with that strength because I’ve had more practice hopefully I will get better at this with the time to as well. I think the folks Who work for the app for putting this together and have a great day everyone.
Meditation on Space
This meditation was extremely calming. Great way to start the day calm and relaxed. Ready for what’s ahead!
Love & Calming
I feel at peace & am truly blessed. Thankful for this meditation & her loving voice🌿🕯🌿
Getting there
I am getting better at focussing on nothing. It’s still hard though!