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Meditation: Accepting Unmet Expectations

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Dara Clear
Writer & Meditation Guide
Our expectations of others and of life can often leave us hurt and frustrated. If we can accept that there are many things beyond our control, it will be much easier to resolve conflict and remain positive and energized about ourselves, about life, and about the people we love.
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This may be the single most important meditation I’ve heard yet on Aura. My boyfriend told me when we started dating, that unmet expectations were the destroyers of relationships. I agreed wholeheartedly. What I thought that meant, were specific expectations that we set intentionally with each other… Only seeing each other exclusively, not dating other people, etc. Recently, I’ve had a couple of moments of illumination. The first, is that he has ADHD - we process things differently, so I am learning to see things through a new perspective. The second, happened just now when listening to this meditation. He doesn’t always respond the way that I would expect. Or his actions or choices might not reflect what I would typically choose to do in a situation. Sometimes his responses left me feeling disappointed or hurt - but not because of anything based in fact, it was all in my perception and how I expected him to respond based on what I was giving of myself at the time. This meditation has helped shift my perspective yet again, and I am incredibly grateful for it. Thank you so much.
Accepting Unmet Expectations
I have experienced hurt, disappointment, even anger in the past when faced with unmet expectations. I eventually learned that I cannot control everything around me, that the world will not do my bidding in the manner and time I want it to occur perfectly. That is my ego and pride taking over. I cannot control events from happening, thoughts and actions of others, but I can be mindful of how I can react and deal with them as they come. I have learned to move on with grace and humility, with courage in my beliefs and my truths. With this, I have learned to be compassionate and respectful of others’ opinions and beliefs.
Panic Attacks
I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult and suffer each day with panic attacks. I have learned so many breathing techniques and positive affirmations. I have referred it to my friends. Thank you
Managing unmet expectations. I came upon this at just the right time. I was feeling frustrated, hurt, and irritated. It was due to days of not receiving contact from someone I care about. It was made worse by my attempts at contacting this person being completely ignored. We had just spent time together not too long ago. I'm also feeling disappointed in myself. I had thought I really was at a place where I didn't set expectations on those close to me. I have to remember to go easier on myself when I trip up. I am me. I'm far from perfect. Over the past few weeks I did not follow my routine of daily meditation. I will tell you, I can feel it. I need to get out of this pothole. The bottom line regarding expectations for me is: living my life and not placing expectations on people or circumstances will only promote a clear, peaceful inner self.