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Meditation 101

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Aubrey Adams
Meditation Teacher and Energy Healer
This is a very simple and short meditation that focuses on the breath and counting to induce relaxation.
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Wow- this was longer than I anticipated
I learned that I just have to count my breath going in or out & I was relaxed, and just like that, I was done. Would you try this too? Thanks so much! & Coffee (or Tea) on! (Or today’s Coffee Talk!; would you please try it?) Groovy… ☕️☮️🫖🐝🫖☮️☕️
Back to Basics
Even breaths, core existence, seek out and appreciate the peace within. Namaste
Counting fur honing in my focus to practice
I appreciate the counting repetition which helps to stay focused in the meditation. Her delivery made me think more of exercise class than meditation, though, so it was hard to get into the state. Her voice was difficult for me as well. It wasn’t very soothing. But I did appreciate what I would need to do in my own head in order to focus on meditation.