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Mask of the Red Death - Story

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
Story about fear and how it can take complete control over things.
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Short & Sweet
This story reminds us of the power of fear and its grip on us.
Fear can be debilitating, preventing us from enjoying life and love. Fear can be overwhelming, depleting our more positive resources. Fear is a negative emotion that serves no useful purpose unless we are in imminent danger. Fear is a thought that disallows us to live a useful and purposeful life. We are not our thoughts and emotions. Let’s not allow either to become important enough to take our joy, run our life, make us ill, treat others in an unpleasant manner, become unkind or allow us to have a lack of hope. Fear is negativity. Live life in a state of optimism and positive behavior for our own benefit and that of all others.
Interesting choice Aura
I was just sitting still, contemplating and remembering a sweet soul taken from this world suddenly, unexpectedly, and sadly. The mother of my best friend went into the hospital for a long undiagnosed heart murmur, and was rushed to a surgical procedure where she sadly passed on the operating table. I had my best friend’s son staying with me, and upon picking him up from school that afternoon, had to break the news to him that his beloved grandmother had passed away. All of our hearts were broken that day in 2013. Later, when we opened our boutique gourmet cupcake bakery business, we named it after Dawn’s favorite flower, and dedicated the business to her memory. It was Dawn’s love of baking for her family and friends which inspired her daughter's love of baking which we capitalized on creating our business. We had JUST started to see big success, catering local events and receiving orders from across the country for local delivery, when I suffered my massive stroke and landed in the hospital for six long months...decimating the business. Without me available to be the driver, salesperson, webmaster, etc., my wife and our friend just couldn't keep the bakery alive. 😢😭
Walter J
Fear is a sham. We may not be able to touch or taste fear but you can see it in another’s eyes, hear it in their voice and they say it can be smelled - by animals. Regardless of what it actually is, it can certainly be debilitating, IF you let it!! I like the following re-definition of fear. I propose you consider it for yourself too. F.E.A.R. is actually an acronym... False Evidence Appearing Real “False Evidence Appearing Real?!?” That means fear is really nothing more than... a Lie! When you stand up to your fears they will quickly loose their power over you. Just face them, take action and watch them excuse themselves, for now. They may come back, but that is ok. Because each time we overcome them we get stronger & more confident. We build our Faith in ourselves. And when we have enough Faith, there is no room for fear. Be Brave & face your fears! ❤️💪🏼🍀
I like to treat fear like an irritating relative
It will always nag and have it’s say We can shrink it’s power by acknowledging its presence and choosing not to listen Try to do things that frighten you on a regular basis, knowing that you have the strength to deal with the consequences
Mask of the Red Death
Fear... Do not allow it to hold your down. Do not allow it to kill your dreams. If you will allow it, fear will suffocate you. Keep breathing and move forward.
What Fear Does To Us
I learned that fear can hurt you twice as much as pain because of the mistakes you make when you are so tense.
We shouldn’t let fear stand in our way. This story hit home with Covid. We need to keep living our lives safly of course but live.
I learned that fear is usually twice as bad as anything that is happening around me. I can remember to review fear and make sure I’m not letting it drive every decision solely.
This story had a wonderful moral. Fear kills and destroys so many things
Fear gets in the way of life and living. Letting fear in makes you uncomfortable or nervous. It impacts your experience. Get out there and try new things! Live your life with confidence and strength. Positivity always wins. 👍😁