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Marsha's Elephant

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Dea Rivera
Mindfulness Teacher
This tale of comparing the jungle where courage, tenacity and belief in one's self bring results.
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11 reflections
I felt inspired to use this story whenever I face personal struggle
I learned that living in the moment and believing in yourself can help you reach long term goals.
I feel like this is a story would tell my self.
I would tell my self this story when I feel as though I am not enough witch has been a lot lately and this story kinda showed me a way out of that feel kind of. ☺️
First Time
I learned that i cant be scared to do something becuase it looks difficult to reach, that i have to try harder until I can get the fruit/task done.
Grateful & Fortunate
I’ve spent 33 yrs at the same level of employment. The only raises I get come from that above and beyond gratuity a guest leaves me for the extra special experience I try to provide. I periodically get asked why I haven’t moved up to a Managment position. I reply by saying, it’s because I see what they go through in this business. They work long hrs, most weekends and eventually make more money than I do, but they usually have to transfer to another hotel in order to move up in management. I never wanted that, I love the area I live in and I liked working to live. I’m not crazy about the idea of spending hrs in meetings, having to deal with the frustrations of always hearing that we can’t make necessary changes because of corporate policy. I don’t have the cool car or the condo, but I can deal with that. I’m close to receiving my union pension, then I’ll start enjoying the benefits I’ve earned. I’ve felt frustrated in recent years for not achieving more because l’m older and it’s harder and painful. But l’ll make it, it was my choice. I still feel grateful & fortunate to have this life.🌅
Low hanging fruit
This story didn't resonate for me. The times I've been in a work position where i desired growth, I took steps to attempt to make it happen. It didn't often work in my favor, but I've done well over the years when employed by a company, and was often recognized for my contributions. I've even been able to make proposals to attempt to build my own growth for companies I've worked for...the trick is in making yourself invaluable! Yes, that means hard work and often extra unpaid hours, but its how I've best found my way in the corporate world!
I felt
I got distracted but tried to focus. Great story. Just need my mind to focus.
I felt
I really thought about how us humans just either try and if we can’t succeed, we just quit. It made me realize, animals are actually smarter than us. Not logically or scientifically, but In their minds. And how they react to certain obstacles. We have to face our obstacles and say “If an elephant were in this situation, what would they do”?
Marsha’s elephant
Wild how humans don’t even Attempt something. They just talk themselves out of it. We need to go for the fruit. Until we get it. Don’t let others talk ya out, persuade us out- just go
My daughter’s perspective.
I used to do that when I was 3 but I am 8 so i grew out of it.
Don’t stop trying
I just found out I wasn’t chosen for the 7 school prefect positions available, and I never really expected to get that position because I’ve never been a leader and this one failure just kinda nailed it in and I was just so ready to give up...but maybe there’s still another chance to try applying for something else?
Marsha’s elephant
Nice to hear that sometimes a short memory can come in handy!