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Manifestation Is Always A Now Thing

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Daniel Roquéo
Spiritual Teacher
The moment we say Yes to a dream or a vision, it begins its' active transition from the invisible to our visible dimension. In other words, manifestation is never a future thing, nothing will ever magically appear in some future moment, but it is manifesting in every single moment - even when there is no visible evidence of it. And as consciousness always precedes form, in order to allow for an effortless manifestation of the good that we desire, we are wise to seek to feel that it is happening now, not that it will happen but that it is happening now.
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One of my favorites
He is always spot on and always a blessing to me on my spiritual journey! I listen to this every single day!
Walter J
By setting our goals in the Now, we are claiming them as already starting to happen. Brilliant shift from setting them in the future that will never really get here! All manifestations start as ideas in our minds that we pull from the infinite Ethereal Energy pool. Then organizing them in the Astral plane before allowing the Universe to help bring them forth in our Corporeal or physical world. Everything is created twice. As above, is below. And claiming it in the Now with clarity & conviction is the secret! Happy Manifesting everyone… 🎇🏵️⭐️ 💪🏼🍀