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Make Happiness Your Goal

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Dave Pamah
Life, Health and Fitness Coach
How can anyone know when they're happy? What does happiness mean? Predictably, the term means different things to different people at different times in their lives. For myself, I like the definition 'An enduring feeling of contentment and capability' - a sense that life is good on the whole, and that you can deal with whatever happens. In this lifestyle coaching session find out how you can make happiness your goal.
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Hard to understand certain words
I learned that I can make happiness be my goal. The speaker is very wise but his accent makes it hard to understand some of the words he is saying. It would be better if he slowed down during certain sentences.
Not very good to confusing and not clear at all can I block things from this guy somewhere? Why do
Nothing why do I have to write nothing many many times take away the limit
Action is required
Although happiness is goal, one must act. I need to make changes
Think I can. Know I can.
I learned that the more I think I can and am, the more I am.
Making happiness your goal for pain control
Thanks for posting this reminder! When I’m in pain I choose to focus on lessons to develop and enhance my well-being and happiness. To this end, I take moments of pain in order to pivot away from the negative thinking pain and suffering entraps us with. Rather, I choose to listen to mindfulness tools that encourage positive actions and spirit. This recording of yours assists me in pivoting my thoughts to becoming more positive and implementing tools that reduce my pain. This recording assisted me in taking the steps needed to make me happy and reduce my suffering. Thanks for the insights! 😊 Listen to Make Happiness Your Goal by Life, Health & Fitness Coach @aurahealthhq
I should have paid more attention to the word coaching as I am used to a softer, less rushed delivery on Aura. I did appreciate the suggestion to compare my values to my habits but the rest of your message was too rushed for me.
Gave me half the lift that I needed first thing in the AM / thank you!
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