It’s a great thing a thing I meditate because
I feel better at the end of my session and I can relax and breathe and let go of negative things and & I feel like good as new and I feel like god was speaking to me saying don’t listen to what those people say about you are my child and you belong to me I talk to him as friend he follows me everywhere I go so he holds my right hand I just thank the lord for that especially getting me through the good times and bad times and I cry if I need to just because I just say in my mind you don’t know me & I don’t know you so please don’t call me sorry anymore I do my part I make sure I do my part so I’m sorry but it’s over and I’m seriously getting annoyed and fed up with how she is treating me and no way should she be treating me that way it’s like she is always picking at me I don’t like that that is a no no