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Loving Kindness

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Dea Rivera
Mindfulness Teacher
Sending loving kindness to yourself and others can be a nurturing practice that brings ease into your day. Give it a try.
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☺️Please😊Thank you🙂Respect😉
We are taught Please and Thank you from the time we can remember as babies. The words Please and Thank you show Loving Kindness. We children these words also. Everyone knows the meaning behind the words Please and Thank you. How hard is it to say Please and Thank you when you have been through it all your life. Do you know how kind it sounds when somebody says Please and Thank you and how Loving it sounds when you get the reply with a smile you're Welcome. Questions if you're taught that as a young child that this is correct to say. Why as an old person you don't keep the Loving Kindness act alive that you were taught as a child. Why is it so wrong to correct an old person. Respect is Respect and it's for any age it's the same Respect. Think about it. Tell me what you Think my Aura Family 🙄🤔😳🤐😏😌😉
A heartfelt reminder
I felt love and warmth toward someone I'd been holding out on for a very long time. It felt good to genuinely want good things for them again. And it brought me back to earth a bit; I realized I've also been the kind of person that I so harshly judged others for being.
Loving kindness
I learned that it I really enjoy the kindness practices. They always make me smile and fill my heart with joy. May you be happy!
Loving 🥰 Kindness
This is a practice I have used multiple times, although there’s one that I like just a wee bit better that includes the line, “May I/you live with ease.” Both, have been great reminders to extend the love, kindness and compassion to myself. ♥️💕♥️
Loving kindness
I love the wishes - for others and for myself. It’s holding each of us gently in our hands, and lifting us all up. My words are insufficient at the moment. Love this meditation. ❤️
The mere act of imagining someone you love and who makes you happy when you see them, helps.
I learned that it’s then easy to take the next step towards your own heart.
I noticed that it stirs up my emotions and makes me cry instead of calming me down, is this normal ?
Heartfelt Wishes
When we are kind, we feel love. Therefore, giving metta, or loving kindness, to others as well as to ourselves is a beautiful way we can feel love just by doing this beautiful practice. In this wonderful meditation, we practice metta by saying heartfelt wishes to others and ourselves. Placing one hand on my chest and the other hand on my belly, I focused on my breath. Feeling at ease, I began to think of my beautiful boy, Montee in my mind. Seeing him running after a laser, a game he loves to play, I smiled. Sending him heartfelt wishes of metta, I felt so much kindness in my heart that it was bursting with love. Turning to familiar faces I see in my local stores, I began to recite these heartfelt wishes to them. Seeing their faces light up brought happiness and joy into my heart. Turning towards myself, I saw myself taking pictures of butterflies, an activity I love to do. Saying these heartfelt wishes to myself, I began to feel tingling sensations arise in my hands and feet. Giving myself and others metta, I am filled with love. May all beings be well! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Different Practices
I am interested in all the variations of Loving Kindness meditations. I think it’s interesting this one starts with a loved one, then moves to self.
I can…
Forgive and love those who have hurt me. They were likely acting out of hurt from someone else and did not intend for me to be hurt.