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Love in Action

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WITHIN Meditation
Meditation Teacher
(Guided by WITHIN teacher Devon Pipars) Take a few minutes to connect to breath and love, allowing that energy to relax and sweeten your day :)
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I Love
...the simplicity of this meditation: returning to love, the core of our being, and allowing it to lead the course of our day. ❤️
Love in action
Breathe in love. Breathe in so much love that it radiates from you and you become a beacon of love. We are meant to love and to be loved. Focus on those who love you and the feelings and emotions they bring you.
Beacon of Love
Sitting in an upright position while bringing awareness to my third eye, I began to breath in the word, love. Breathing in its sweet perfume, my heart center filled with love’s beautiful scent that knows no boundaries. Feeling the love I have for my family, friends and animals, my inner light shined bright, giving me a smile on my face. As the cells in my body filled with this brilliant light, love’s enduring scent began to radiate outwardly to include the space around me. Breathing in love’s sweet perfume, I became love in action. As love in action, I radiate love. A beacon of love for all to see and absorb, my true nature illuminates. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
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