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Dea Rivera
Mindfulness Teacher
Truly listening is the greatest gift we can give others. With this practice, you may be surprised at how beneficial listening can be to you as well.
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Being heard and listening
I’m learning the listening is more the hearing words. It’s listening for no words or actions. I need to slow down so I can see those subtle cues and be a better person to those in my life.
I felt fulfilled.
Compassion works both ways. It’s a two way street. A true friend always returns empathy.
Peace comes from listening and letting your heart soak up and we can feel and hear
Truly Listen
When we truly listen to what another person is saying to us we have a chance to respond in a way that may heal a part of themselves or acknowledge a part of them that has been ignored by others. This would be an incredible gift to give someone.
Every day I say ‘the key to any good relationship is active listening’. I think this was especially appropriate, as if Dea was speaking just for me, reminding me, the teacher of this most important gift. I may begin everyday with this beautiful guided meditation.
Listening is using not only my ears, but through my heart and soul as well. It is connecting with my higher self, conversing with her as I do with others. The words, ideas and thoughts I hear and perceive resonate within my whole being, not just the mind. So yes, the act of listening and being heard are gifts to be appreciated and treasured. ❤️
The Gift
Offering and receiving the gift of listening allows for the heart and soul to be heard. But, often we get so busy that we don’t truly listen to what others have to say, let alone listening to what our own body and intuition has to say. Because we don’t truly listen, people around us can feel unheard. Because we don’t truly listen to our body and intuition, we can miss signs and opportunities starring us right in the face. Getting settled on a bench in the great outdoors, I opened my awareness to the sounds in my environment. Various birds singing their songs dominated my sound waves. Taking a deep breath, I went inward and listened to what my body had to say by way of feeling sensations. Visualizing someone right in front of me talking, I gave them my full attention. By giving them my presence they were able to speak from their heart and soul. By speaking from the heart and soul, perhaps they actually heard themselves and in doing so, answered their own questions. In this way, giving them the gift of listening is so rewarding! Turning things the other way around by visualizing someone listening to me, I actually felt heard. By being heard, the gift of understanding was received. Being heard and understood gives me the courage to open my heart more. Be attentive and give the gift of listening to others. Receive the gift of listening from others by being open. When alone, be attentive and listen to the body and mind. As Rumi says, “Listen to silence. It has so much to say.” Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Beautiful and calming.
I felt very at ease from the start of this session and the words, voice and music aided that throughout! A very lovely session.
It is important to take time out not only to loisten to others but also to yourself and in particular to listen to your body and what it is telling you.
This was easily the most important practice I’ve encountered on Aura and that is high praise indeed as I have learned SO much here. “In this culture, the heart and soul so often go without a home.” Wow. To truly be seen and heard can be the most profound experience of our lives. Thank you so much, Dea.