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Letting Go of Your Story - Spoken Word

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Bill Scheinman
Mindfulness Teacher & Coach
Exploring how mindfulness helps us let go of self-limiting narratives and habitual thoughts. Photo by luizclas from Pexels
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11 reflections
I liked the example that we choose to personalize feeling disrespected. It is absolutely true that when someone demonstrates a disrespectful behavior, they are saying something about themselves. Why should I allow their behavior to be about me, at all? I need to remember that when someone acts in an inconsiderate way, I still choose the story.
Easy does it
Having a clear and calm mind is everything it makes life 10 times easier
Mind opening
I learned to read my story instead of living it. Very helpful
This is some of the most wise advice I’ve ever come across.
Though I find there is some truth to my story. I have a lot of extremely difficult health issues. But I’m going to really evaluate how much I’ve use that as an excuse to not do things I really can do.
You aren’t what you think
While it’s true that my stories return to me again and again, I just don’t believe them so much anymore
Bonnie Jeanne
I think this is closest to what I need to hear. It is mindfulness almost as Ellen Langer writes about it. She talks a lot about letting go of evaluation, our own and others.
Changing my story
This is more of a short talk rather than a meditation, but it’s really good. There is a lot of good information here and I will definitely be coming back to listen to this again. I definitely recognize a few of those narratives. Thankfully, with mindfulness I am learning how to change my story.
This lesson proved the importance of continued meditation;
That though our inner narratives may continue while we breathe, the more we acknowledge them and let them go in practice, the more it will expand into our daily lives and promote a healthier, clearer mind.
10/18 Stories
I realized how many many stories I have accumulated over my lifetime. We have stories and facts of what we tell ourselves of what has or will happen. I will try to see the facts thru the story, be aware of both, accept these facts, and ultimately find peace.
I love this meditation. I think this thought to myself once every few years doing something mundane yet going through a difficult time, such as taking a shower while my family is in a tough struggle (besides their usual). I haven’t had this thought in a long while yet the other night I did while washing my hands; yet instead of during a struggle, it was after a solution to a problem. This solution made between me and my partner changed everything about my perception of my current life, that my past is gone and not returning, and it clarified how I’ve been on my Devine path all along. I haven’t heard this guide before either, so it was refreshing to hear a new voice and a life coaching story. He is speaking my kind of truth when saying that it is the narrative of the story that shapes your current moment, and vice verse. Thanks for this!
My Stories
I gave this a really good listen. It is full of truth and wisdom. In self-evaluation, in any circumstance where I experience discomfort or an inability to cope with another’s actions towards me, I will now consider what is actually occurring and whether I feel the way I do because of an old story I have been telling myself over and over again. We all tell ourselves our stories, so it will be interesting to me to find out whether my feelings and responses are truly due to a situation or to a story I have told myself to explain the feelings or response. Worth a listen.