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Letting Go Of Physical Pain

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Seda Ünlüçay
Meditation Teacher, Astrologer & Author
This holistic release is designed to help you dissolve or lessen sensations such as pain and tension in the body. Feel free to focus on any part of your body that is chronically tenser than the other parts or that you’d like to have more relaxed. Holistic Releasing is based on the premise that everything the mind experiences, whether real or imagined, arises in pairs. If we have hot, we have a cold. If we have pain, we also have the absence of pain. In this release, we’ll be alternating back and forth on the different sides of the pain and spaciousness polarity. As we do so, the polarities will gradually dissolve each other and we will be left with greater awareness of the freedom, spaciousness, and presence that we already are.